Waiver for CMSR 1 and 2?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mad_hippy, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. Is it possible to get a Waiver for CMSR 1 and 2 if you have been out of the regulars?

    I completed basic training twice, do I have to go back for a third....

    STAB (2 Years) - ARAB (7 Years) - CIVI (6 YEars) - rejoining TA...
  2. 6 Years out means you have to do it again, you can get away with a couple of years.
  3. Third times a charm! I might get it right this time ;-)
  4. It is possible, I heard it was something like 4 years or less out of the Regulars, and you can skip straight through CMS(R), We have a lad who was in 3 PARA then 4 PARA years ago who was allowed to skip Catterick (he had done it twice before) and go straight onto the PJNCO cadre, but he still had to do basic. By the way what Arm/Service/Regt are you joining? What were you in?

    Hope that helped
  5. REME TA (VM) then AGC(SPS) Regulars Class 1 Mil Clerk, and going for AGC (SPS) TA.....
  6. I think you have to be out for less than five years but it's best to check with your local unit
  7. You may have to do Phase 1 again, but could be skiped through your trade training as you have previous experience, Best to check with the unit you are joining they will have what you need to know.
  8. Nope I got told that I had to redo it in 2003 even though my application went in early 2002 and I'd left in late 99 then again they let a fat AI from the cadets join and skip CSMR altogether a few months later! never seen them complete a CFT yet
  9. You have to be out 3 years or less to skip re-doing your basic again, but it is always best to double check with the unit you want to join as they may make an exception (highly unlikely though :( )
  10. you should only have to do CMSR once...........although this has to be tempered with some common sense. You are absolutely excused it under a letter from LF if you have been out 6 years or less. Bottom line it is down to the CO what you have to do. (TA Regs and AGAIS) I would suggest you do a bit of revision on a drill night, go to your local RTC and do the revision/test weekend to confirm your standard. If you are succesful then see if you can move onto MATTS along with everyone else in unit. If you can pass the tests there seems little point in making you go through the whole thing again.
  11. I was out for 6 yrs and skipped training, all it takes is a request form the CO, helps having a bunch of relevent courses and exp under your belt, I really can't see an issue in skipping training for SPS

    Also helps in having a realistic outlook and decent attitude on the subject, whinging will just put peoples backs up
  12. Not even spoken to PSIs/PSAO, was just wondering what the score was....

    Did 7 years, and 5 Op tours... should pass the MATTs with no issue... maybe a little rusty on WHT but apart from that, I should be fine, hopefully I'll pass them with flying colours an see what they decide...
  13. yeah WHT, you do realise its a bit different now with the new weapon don't you ?!?
  14. You may find you enjoy doing it all again, I did , and the instuctors tend to take previous service into account and leave you alone a bit.
  15. COs discretion. If your unit are willing to put you through a WHT and get you on a range to see if you're still proficient then it can be done. I was out 11 years and didn't do any basic training, not that it would have bothered me in the least but it did allow me to get straight into trade training.