Waitrose ripoff

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Pigshyt_Freeman, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Tell me, if you saw this, would you think the contents were (a) Crab, from Orkney. In layers? Or, (b), A bit of crab bulked out with eggs, mayonnaise, breadcrumbs and various chemicals?

    Because according to Waitrose Customer Services, only a fool would take the slogan 'Orkney crab' to be an indication of the contents, and the reasonable man would expect to get a slimy mélange that smells of stale farts and that not even the dog was all that keen on eating.

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  2. Waitrose stands for rip offs! Just dont shop there.
  3. Gosh, that makes me angry too.
  4. I shop there, so I don't have to listen to pikeys like you. Due to many of the staff having shares in the company, they are a bit nicer to the customer

    **** off back to Neto/Aldi/Coop..
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  5. Are you drunk or just a ******* imbecile?
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  6. I agree rip off. What I will say for Waitrose if i've a patient who works for them, he used to work for Morrisons. This chap butchers up the meat in a factory, says the meat is very high quality, said Morrisons isn't and the first job in a morrissons butchery dept is adding three days date to the out of date meat. No idea how many lots of three extra days they get, neither has he. After they've been extra three'd and smell they get a nice chinese glaze or similar, enjoy.
  7. Doesn't it have that catch all "serving suggestion" or perhaps an astrisk (*which means "this is not true") somewhere?
  8. When I was a student I did stock counting in Tesco and it was the same story with all the Deli products. Some of the ham smelled like Satan's dirty sock bag by the time it was out on the counter.
  9. [​IMG]

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  10. No, but if you look at the back, in letters so small you literally need a magnifier to read them, is a slightly more honest description of the product. Though not honest enough to reveal that it looks like cat-sick and tastes of almost nothing.
  11. work_7578596_2_flat,550x550,075,f_keep-calm-and-watch-ponies-poster.jpg

    Somebody had to do it
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  12. You only had to read the ingredients:

    So 17% Orkney (presumed) crab (34g). Plus 66% of 55%, about 36% Hebridean crab (72g).

    Unless the Hebrides have moved, it looks like you've got a valid claim. It should read "Layered Hebridean Crab".

    Did you check the Swiss Roll and the French Dressing?
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  13. Enjoy your horseshit burgers back at Tesco's then. I'll happily stick with the better staff, service and quality of food at Waitrose.

    Drive on Geeves. :)
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