Waitrose Christmas ad

who's the knob who complained?

Get a life. Even if it was a soldier, what's the problem. We all want to be home for Xmas, but perhaps a few more people might think about our boys and girls on tour, even if for a brief second, if people believe this is a soldier not a photographer.

Get a grip man !!
Can't see whats wrong with it myself...
Utter crap. Posted by some woose as far as I am concerned.The fact that Waitrose has thought about the military in a good light is good enough for me.

Most firms couldn't give a toss about us; this at least remembers we exist.

I have posted a reply.I do order from Ocado after all :D
Disagree any Advert that shows 'one of our own' is good news. I actually admire J Lewis / Waitrose for having the balls to show a Chinook & a Photo G / Possible Soldier travelling home. Some folk will be home for Christmas and others early next year. It's at this time of year when we think of when we were on Ops and missed home and salute those on Ops who will not be home.

I do not think that they tried to undermine our folk at all. They showed that we are part of the fabric of the UK.

Far better that folk think about what we are doing overseas at the sharp end & looking forward to coming home, than seeing some Yummy Mummy preparing Hors d'oeuvres from M&S in a perfect kitchen.

A nice gesture would be for ASDA/M&S/Tesco/Sainsburys/Dunnes Stores et al to have the balls to run a National Advert & give every homecomer a £30 pre paid card as thank you & a salute. They could buy flowers for their wife/girlfriend/mom or a DVD or a nice bottle of wine or a slab of beer or just get a well earned treat.

The first Multi National that does this would get my Grocery Shop for the next year.



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My local offy at home once tried to offer me a slab on the house after they mistakenly thought I had been away on tour, that was a nice gesture! I did put them right on that though straight away...!

Can't see anything wrong with that advert though. I always thought what made us great is the ability to laugh things off, or not jumping to conclusions. Insensitive? I think not.
Aye, nice ad, and does show the lads (ish). Had an email from a girl i went to school with who now works for the Ad company who made said ad, and asked what i thought of seeing "the boys" in the ad, and hoped we liked it.
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