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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Billboard, May 24, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone i applied to join the army last year may and was deferred in july for 18 months.Because i hade a cut nerve just above my elbow that has to grow all the way back into my hand at a slow inch a month.Just until a few months ago i had clawing of little and ring finger but still have severe muscle wasting.As you can imagine this is a very depressing situation as im stuck in a dead end job i hate.And have found myself taking more and more sick days off. The suspense in killing me as being in infantry is the only thing i would consider myself to be good at and enjoy in my whole life.Can anyone give me tips on how to get through my deferred time without losing my mind.

  2. I am no Physio expert but is there a reason for the muscle wastage on your freakishly long 18" forearm.

    Can you not exercise it to build that muscle back up ?

    Keep your fitness up and dont be put off by the set backs you have experienced. Its not about avoiding the storm its about learning to dance in the rain.
  3. You cant exercise muscles in hand the nerves innervate them without nerve innervation there is no muscle.And my injury happened jan 08 and for nerves to fully regenerate and re-innervated all muscles in forearm and hand it can take up to 2 years
  4. As I said I am no expert in these matters so thanks for setting me straight, I think.

    Why do you think Infantry will be the only thing you are good at ?

    You only have 6 months to push mate ,keep your head up and stay focused.Youve waited this long and if you still want to go for it shows dedication that you have stuck with it.
  5. As Darik mentioned,why don't you use the time you have to re consider joining the infantry?
    There is nothing wrong with joining the infantry,I served 12 years,but if I was a young potential recruit again I would of definitely listened to my elders and gone back into the ACIO to see what my options were. I had a serving infantry Sergeant Major at the time telling me to get my arse into the office and join the Royal Engineers rather than the infantry,but I wasn't interested,all I wanted to do back then was to be a fighting soldier.

    If you still want it,go for it and good luck - but,remember you do have options.