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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by joshrichardson, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. I'm applying for the Royal Signals and at the minute my recruiter said their intake was full. My first choice is Comm Systems Operator and my Sgt said that there will be more than likely intake next year February to March time... granted I pass selection with a positive grade, (which will hopefully be within the next two months (I'm waiting on a date for my third interview)) is it normal to be waiting this long for a job in the army? Or are there people who have been waiting longer?

  2. By the time I start basic end of October it will be 20 months from when I applied start to finish...that's with an A grade at selection. I believe the corps have slightly longer waiting lists than infantry but don't rake that as gospel. Also learn to use the search function and stickies or the MODs will tear you a new arrsehole for being a mong
  3. Had a search for "waiting lists" and "waiting times" but got a lot of threads that were of no use to me.

    Thanks for the reply and good luck. Hats off to you as 20 months is an incredibly long time.
  4. About average from start of application, but worth waiting for the job you want to do.
  5. Think of it as preparation time. If you are working squirrel money away, make some investments, get fit and focus on your goal.
  6. You always got to get onto nuts dont you mate.
  7. For once it was not intended.
  8. The only problem with me waiting til next year is the fact that I'll have nothing to do - I'm 17, just finished my college course and will have nothing to do with myself from now until then (apart from training).

    I'd just like to jump right into it as soon as possible. I've yet to pass ADSC anyway.
  9. Get a job.
  10. HHH

    HHH LE

    Do some volunteer work, take a part time course (foreign languages),get a job (earn yourself some beer money), etc
  11. Im going into the royal signals as ew op. I start applying november 2010 and passed selection with a high b in march 2011. I'm starting training in september 2011.
  12. Great idea! :)
  13. Seriously mate find a job, i signed my work contract the same week i applied to join the army,i will have been with that job almost two years before i resign to start basic.
  14. from start to finish???

    Applied: June: 2008
    Starting basic: September 2011
    ^ No joke lad!.. Passed selection with a high B grade, but if its what you want to do then ride it out!.. i was 17 when i applied im now 20 and just going in... i got a job when i left college until 2 weeks before i start... :) and they say theres no jobs out there lol
  15. Considering all goes smoothly how long should it take between attending ACIO and completing medical, forms, doing the BARB etc and then being sent to ADSC presuming fitness is up to scratch?