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hi, i've got a chosen man course coming up on 11th of april (i'm not sure if thats definitly the date but my careers adviser said its some time around then) and i'm wondering if someone can tell me how long it would take to get an adsc if that goes well and then how long from there it would take to get into training. i got a deferal about 6 months ago and as you can imagine i really want to get in soon. thanks

hi dude im going to chosen man on 11th april too im from doncaster..and i got told at my carreers office that once ive done my pre selection on 23rd march ive got to go back on 1st april to get a date for adsc so not long :) and can be anyting upto 3months if you get grade A and 6months if you get grade B and 12 months if you get grade C and 2years if you get grade D.
After my med it all went fast, over a month or so i completed both my pre-selection and 3 weeks after my ADSC at Glencourse. Its been 4 weeks since i passed and ive been going into my AFCO every monday for a start date but not got one yet. I think waiting times will differ for each individual. Will go on fitness ect during the selection phases, if you are ready, they will send you. After that i think its all about your job choice and your grade. So the wait is really on you and how you perform at selection mate. Just my 2p :)
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