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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Dfw88, May 23, 2010.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm from London Middlesex area and I'm looking to join a infantry regiment. I know the army is getting full and there are long waiting times in all arms,but what regiment has the shortest waiting time(roughly) I heard that PWRR is less full than say the Rifles.
  2. I would suggest:

    Firstly visit your local ACIO/AFCO to get the low down & facts as they will have the most recent stats as its their job
    Secondly hang around & ask in the 'Joining up' section to speak to other potential's as they will give feedback on what they've undertaken & you'll get joiners guidance.
  3. :desertsoldier: This probaly won't be much comfort but I've been waiting since December for just the selection
    doing run clubs is a good way of staying in touch.
  4. I'm looking to get in pwrr as well. They seem to have the shortest waiting time
  5. It all depends on the grade you get at ADSC. I got a high B grade in April, got my date this month and start in November.
  6. Elo mate that seems odd, i passed selection on 13th May, and got date for 17th October straight away, i say this because im going guards as well.
  7. Alright mate. Are you going Grenadier Guards? When I had my final interview at ADSC, the officer told me the next intake for the Grenadiers was November and the AFCO phoned me about a month later a gave me my date for 14th November.
  8. I met a guy from my pre-adsc the other day, he passed adsc last week and got a start date for catterick - 31st october. He's joining the rifles.
  9. Oh right that makes sense then I am going Coldstreamers
  10. What sort of mile and a half time are you looking at for getting an A at ADSC?