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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ca071986, May 21, 2010.

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  1. has anyone with C grades been loaded yet for start dates?
  2. I've got a b and would of been waiting 6 months by the time I get to phase 1 and I think that's the quickest I've heard of been very lucky c you will be waiting at least a year if not much longer sorry to be the bearer of bad news but at least it gives you time to train
  3. 9 month wait for me and I got an A.
  4. ive know some C graders get a date in bout 9 month after they passed selection, i passed in feb n my recruiter said it would of been aug but now its full
  5. Yeah what is that rubish on EEnders about just going along the road and being immediately accepted into the army. typically badly researched piece of shoddy BBC work. The implication being that it is always alast resort that any loser can get into. I bet the twat who is acting the part could not even pass the run.
  6. Try 31 weeks with a high b
  7. What trade are you going in for ??
  8. 5 days with an A, but it did take fecking ages to get to ADSC

    No, no, no as long as people keep getting higher grades than you and are going for the same trade, branch, ATR then they will be loaded before you. You dont get to a magic date and then are loaded it all depended on what score you got at ADSC now, last year the grading was in place but it was not factored in to getting a date if you passed ADSC before september 09(if i remember correctly).
  9. im going for communication systems operator, theres like start dates every 3 month
  10. I'm going for building and structural finisher and start 26th sept
  11. Like its been said 100 times already, people with the top grades get allocated first. So if theres 40 places on a course and 15 people have A grades and 25 people have B grades there will be no room for any C grades. If it's the same on the next course then no C grades will get allocated again, and again... I know it's a bitch waiting for a start date, because you just want to crack on with training but it's just the way it is I guess. Have you considered going for a job which is not that overmanned?
  12. I'll also add, I know somebody who is also going for comms system operator. He got a high B grade and hasn't been allocated yet.....
  13. i got told by my recruiter yesterday that no C grades are gona be loaded this there cuz i rang him up to see what my options were but ye just got told NO ONE is taking on C grades

    sorry for bringing bad news
  14. I passed in January with a High C and I have been waiting ever since to be allocated as Infantry, I too am bored doing the same job over and over and really want to start my military career but the wait game has to play its course, look on the bright side, you've got plenty of time to train and make sure that your not going with a low level of physical fitness.

    Just remember, a lot of us are waiting, just take the good aspects with the bad and crack on, soon enough the army is going to be screaming for people once more unless another recession hits (So says my mate who's actually)
  15. Once more? Few years I reckon.