waiting time between passing adsc and starting basic?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by TOONarmySOLDIER, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. im just wondering if any of you can tell me how long is the average wait between passing adsc and starting basic, and also if you struggle a bit in adsc can they tell you that you have passed but have to improve in that 'waiting' time, thats what happened on the dvd lol.
  2. can be as little as 2 weeks.
  3. It all depends on the CEG your going, vacancies and the time between passing basic to when your trade course begins. I had an applicant who passed on the Thursday, enlisted the Friday and started at ITC on the Monday due to a spare place. Obviously quick enlistments like this are rare but could happen if a space arises and the applicant is happy. I also know people who have gone for a technical trade where there are only one or two courses a year and had to wait nearly 10 months for the course. This could have add on effects such as having medicals, Tests going out of date and having to go back for more interviews.

    Just get the up to date info off your recruiter who will be able to advise on future course allocations and the PSO at ADSC will also assist.
  4. I passed ADSC 5th Dec 07, Pirbright Phase1 as AAC on the 5th May 08.
  5. thanks guys. so the answer really is it varies widely, i suspect the more popular the job/course the longer the wait usually will be...?
  6. in the meantime, build up your fitness and get ready for the hard times ahead, train hard fight easy
  7. Also I heard that you have 2 weeks in which to confirm you want the job after passing ADSC. So it's up to you how much time you need before getting the next phase going. Personally I'll be phoning my army careers the Monday after if I pass.
  8. I passed mid-March and start basic in the first week of July. I didnt hang about after passing though, i was straight on the phone to the Afco to confirm my job choice as soon as I got on the train home!
  9. My son passed selection last wed.He recieved a call yesterday saying he starts basic at winchester on the 12th may.
  10. i passed adsc last tuesday at lichfield...i only live 5 minutes down the road and before i got home my recruiting sgt was on the phone congratulating me! and offering me a start date! could of had monday just gone, but opted for may the 12th! so just under 3 weeks to go!
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  11. He is joining the RLC.My eldest passed out from there 2 years ago to.Time to get a really good iron! :)
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