Waiting time at Glasgow?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Rugby1, May 21, 2009.

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  1. How long for reenlistment on average?

    How long did yours take?

    Do you have to resit your medical?

    How much training have you got to redo?

    I realise everyones situation is different, but Id just like to hear how many others are in my position.

  2. I'm not a reenlister but I'm pretty certain you will have to do the medical again. About the rest I have no idea but it may be different for each person (length of time served, time elapsed since leaving etc) so to get the best idea for yourself the AFCO is the place to go.
  3. Yeah Ive spoke to them today. My application is still at Glasgow, only 3 weeks gone though and Ive heard people saying they have been waiting for months.
  4. I'm reenlisting after leaving royal marine training over a year ago. I'm at ADSC stage now, but the whole Glasgow period took about 2 months initially. Although after changing my job choice they had to do it again, which seemed to take about 5 weeks.
  5. Get on the phone mate!

    Be "Pro Active" and chase the hell out of them!

    Someone, somewhere here will have the contact number!

    Just keep badgering them!

    I'm joining the TA but need a 203 as well!

    Our Unit civvy admin has a contact in Glasgow and she phones her up every week to chase the 203's along!

    Works very well!

    Average time, so I'm told, 2/3 weeks!

    I'll see if I can get the phone number and email address!
  6. Getting on at the AFCO or at Glasgow, I cant see getting on at the recruiter will do anything as that will just piss him off. I think getting on at Glasgow could be an idea.
  7. fella, chase them up. What AFCO are you using? yes or no on Queen St? PM me, the SG guy there is an old mate, he may be able to help.
  8. If anyone has the Glasgow number then Id much appreciate it.
  9. I very much doubt theres a hotline you can just ring up fella.

    I was in nearly five years, have to redo evrything. I have to even do rsc or whatever its called now adsc i think, even have to do phase1 again.

    Been waiting over 2months for glasgow to get back to me so far.

    Its shit i know but hang in there
  10. Yeah after thinking about it I realise thats a bit daft. How long have you been out though?
  11. Nearly 3 years
  12. I'm hoping i don't have to do selection again. I have no doubt that i will though, but its 36 hours so not to worry.

    Has anyone heard how long the backlog is at Glasgow?
  13. Its not gospel but i heard somewhere else on this site that they were dealing with 250 re-enlistment apps per month, now its rocketed to 750 a month.

    Thats alot of paperwork, must take some time to shift through esp as i hear there dealt with on a case by case basis.

    Hope this helps
  14. I guess the "actual" paperwork side of it is pretty straight forward, go get records, check to see if soldier is reemployable, write report, put on Colonels desk, he reads it, approves/disapproves, form sent back to ACIO or other agencies.

    I saw my last 203 form (the actual one the ACIO gets), it is 1 A4 page with basically Yes/No, Conditions of Service, Colonel's Sig and a stamp.

    Mine had something like:-

    Had to complete -

    Phase 2
    NIRTT Course

    I had my mate copy mine but I can't find the ******* thing!

    It's the only bloody thing I needed and I can't find it!

    If I were to show my current unit this then I know I could be employed "at risk" whereas they are rightfully reluctant at the moment!

    I still reckon that you can chase it up though.

    In certain circumstances they can push one through, I need mine for Summer Challenge and the Unit Admin Officer said it would be no problem, she's done it before!

    When you think about it, if one of the recruiting Sgts. really wanted to push it through, they could contact Glasgow and speed it along.

    It probably gets done quite often for one reason or another!

    All it would take is an internal email or phone call to check on progress.

    I wouldn't think that 750 people a month are applying to re-enlist though, seems awful high!

    I may be wrong though!
  15. Yeah thanks, I'm applying to RMP as well so it will take even longer. Lots of waiting around for them ahead I feel, although I do feel it will be all worth it in the end. My recruiter doesn't seem to think they have a backlog, and he seems pretty switched on. Only time will tell...