waiting period to get attested

Ok well I'm new to this site as a member bus have used it a few times. I just want to know if there anyone else who is currently going through the after selection process I e waiting to get attested, I've been waiting for around 7 weeks since I had passed my selection for the royal engineers and I'm still waiting, I know that the company that has changed from military to civi but why is this taking so long. I haven't even been issued my kit or attested or anything, I've been meassured for my kit and it has been ordered but nothing. Can someone tell me why it is taking them so long to sort out the back log of passed selection recruits.?
Well I checked with my unit and they said its because capita has a back log of 7 thousand recruits that's why I haven't had my results put into the system because the military can't put results in, its only capita that can put results in.
I done my adsc last year but decided to switch units a couple of weeks ago, I went to glencourse on tuesday to do my technical selection test as that was all that was outstanding and got told today that I will be attested on tuesday next week, because nrc are dealing with everything now its a lot of faffing about but the best thing to do is keep phoning nrc and your recruitment team and keep chasing them up .... hope this helps

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Well I got told by my unit that the only things left to go onto my system was my medical forms because my unit is locked out of my file, so as soon as capita get that put onto my system i can get attested