Waiting period after selection

Hi i passed selection 2 weeks ago and i was just wondering if there was any way that i could get any information regarding the waiting period untill intake? i understand that there is no certainty untill the exact date is decided but i was hoping i could get a general idea of weather its going to be a matter of months or weeks? thank you
I think a big factor is you're trade choice. If its infantry you're likely to get a fairly quick intake. Anything else and you're probably looking at a month or two. Personally I have a 4 month wait between selection and phase one, this is unusual....or so i'm told.

Hopefully someone else can give you specific intake dates.
It all depends on what job your going for.

What job do you want to do?

Im going in artillery, and it is 4 weeks exactly between ADSC and Phase 1.
This is the other thing that is worrying me, i was an electrical apprentice for 3 years prior to applying for the army however i didnt finish my apprentiship completely and didnt really bother much with GCSE`s so i couldnt apply for REME so my recruitment officer said he would sort out (pardon me if i dont get this right) a shading and im worried that this will only increase the waiting time for intake?
I heard that you had to hold your breath until you get a phone call from the AFCO.

That's what The Iron told me - but what does he know eh?????


hendo24 said:
at the moment i`m going in as RE driver/operator but id like to transfer to the REME as an electrician
Considering the REME doesn't have them any more, I don't fancy your chances.
:? ok now i`m ever so slightly confused, even during the interview at selection the interviewer mentioned about this "shading" however neglected to mention there not being a job role as an electrician in the REME
You've just gotta wait for the call. I got the call a week after selection telling me my date was on the 14th of July which was just over a month ago. I'm bored as f*ck waiting around and can't wait to get to phase 1.
Its like alot of the guys said, it depends on what you are going in for. I am going in the AAC, and I have had to wait 6 months between passing ADSC and starting phase 1.
ma55ive said:
In my case going into the army to become a REME Air Tech, i will have waited 1 year since passing selection

that long is really bad
ok well thanks for reply`s guys hope this wasnt too much of a retarded thread ill just have to keep up training and keep leaping on the phone ever time it rings lol

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