Waiting on assessment centre...what is next?


I am applying to be a Reserve Officer in the Intelligence Corps. Currently, I am waiting to book my assessment centre, which should be complete in the coming days and set for a July date.
Assuming I was to pass this, it is my understanding that, chronologically;
  • More background checks on me will occur then, assuming everything checks out, I will be offered to enlist, which I would accept.
  • Phase 1(A) Training. (7 continuous days, or 4 weekends.)
  • AOSB Briefing, where I’ll be given advice on how to approach the Main Board assessment, as well as decided whether I am ready for Main Board. (1 day.)
  • AOSB Main Board, assuming its decided I am ready. (3 days.)
  • Assuming I pass AOSB Main Board, then there is further training courses I must complete.
Could someone tell me if I have missed anything out/got mixed up?

Phase 1(A) Training is the Alpha training to become a Reservist Soldier - you can then choose whether to complete Phase 1 Bravo Training as a Soldier which will mean you don't have to do Module A of the Officer training program.

You can, in theory, go straight to Briefing without completing any Soldier or Officer training but it goes without saying that it would be more beneficial for you to dip your toe in the water before jumping in at the deep end.

Good luck!

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