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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_p_hat, Jul 12, 2010.

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  1. Hello,
    I made the call to my local centre to be told that after I have done my paper work and tests i will go on a waiting list to be fitted in when a gap opens up.

    Is this common at the moment?
  2. What paperwork? and what tests?
  3. I assume application form and physical tests.

    But she said after i've done this i'll have to wait for an opening.
  4. Fitted in for what ? Process is something along the lines of,1) Have a chat, 2) Fill in application/medical paper, 3)Have medical, 4)Selection, 5)Attestation, 6) weekends, 7)CMSR 8) lots of standing about errm I mean pahse 2 training ..
  5. I know how it's ment to work, i've read the forums and the websites but i didn't realise that parts 1-5 was called a waiting list. (although from what iv read it's not far off.)
  6. My initial contact with my unit was the start of April started my cadre on the 2/7/10, my biggest hold up was my RG8 form being cleared at Glencorse (3 weeks).
  7. Well i aim to steam through this.
    My bro is applying for the officer route at his local unit and im not having him get through it all before me (bloody uni bum)
  8. It is all a waiting game...I started my application beginning of Feb;
    RG8 form (medical form) has to go to your GP... mine took 3 weeks;
    Medical ... was applied for at March...was 8th May when I saw doctor...wasn't until last week they got result back;
    Now waiting for a selection date...
  9. I have to ask, durring all of this waiting for paper work are you attending weeky and getting payed for you time?
  10. Erm...no and no.

    I pop down every so often and I don't think theres any pay involved (I haven't asked nor have I been told)...if there is I'll expect the back pay to be pretty big!
  11. so it's a case of heres your paper work see you in 6 months.
  12. Cry me a river. If thats the unit you want and they have no spaces due to low funding or cant take anymore recruits then wait the 6 months, or you could look for other units that are taking on recruits which maby more of a distance then your local unit
  13. I'm pretty sure once your attested you can then start attending drill nights and be paid .. check with the unit you apply at ..
  14. ok,
    i'll give it a go and the do the rounds.
  15. ...and we wonder why the TA is seen as sleepy hollow sometimes.

    If I were you, and it's not my place perhaps to suggest it, I would ask for something a little more specific from the recruiting team or the Unit Commander. Try ringing in and asking to speak to the PSAO or OC and find out exactly what they mean by a 'gap opening up'. You may have applied to a Unit that is already over it's established recruiting level and turnover is required before they can take on (and pay) any more recruits, equally, they may be a Unit that has fallen foul of the GCM output and have been told to stop/slow down recruiting. Either way, it is important to understand which so that you can make an informed choice.

    You may wish to consider a different Unit nearby?

    You could always look to the National TA who don't require you to attend drill nights and have centralised training at Grantham - depands what you are looking for and where.