Waiting list for RMP?

Does anyone know how long the current waiting list is for the RMP the moment. And before you ask, it's not for me, I did my time a few years ago, it's for a friend if mine who's looking to join in the next few months. Looking forward to an honest answer the the sarcastic comments. Always worth a laugh.
Got my start date for the 3rd of October to start phase one at Pirbright for RMP, I've been told there won't be another intake this year after October, and places are very limited. Hope this is of some use
Took me from September 2010 untill last month to get a start date for RMP, alot of people applying as the civilian police is not recruiting and probably will not be for a long time! so may have to prepare for a wait as over subscribed, also he/she will get a start date quicker the better you do on selection, a C grade will not cut it need atleast a B nowadays, start phase one oct 3rd as well...

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