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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by nath2008, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, Passed my literacy and numeracy test's today well pleased, some people failed it though i was scared in the chair haha, got level 3 on both of them there pleased and sending of the info to ADSC and waiting for my date now YES. :lol: :D :p
  2. Well done mate.
  3. Well done nath.....i have a jar or 2 waiting for you in the naffi later
  4. level 3?!!? **** that
  5. Yea Level 1 = infantry level 2 = RA,REME, etc.. level 3 = im not sure but they said its high :)
  6. well what I got adds up to 3....
  7. Well you need to pass then some people failed just make sure your good at maths and english lol.
  8. Nath.. I was told that level 1 is the highest and level 3 is the lowest. I got level 2 in both, think I got 20/27 for one and 20/23 in the other or something like that. Was a fair while ago.
  9. Entry level one is Primary school Standard and only opens up the Infantry jobs
    Entry level three is just below GCSE standard
  10. Level 2 is the highest, then Level 1, followed by Entry Level 3, Entry Level 2 and Entry Level 1 (failure).

    That's how it was explained to me when I did it.

    I scored 23/23 on the Maths and only came away with a Level 2.
  11. I was told a level 2 was the equivalent to a C, but really does it matter? You pass, you pass or you fail.
  12. It depends what you're testing for. If it's just basic skills then you'll only come out with max Level 2. It's GCSE Grade C equivalent.
  13. I got level 2 for one of them, and one crashed on the computer lol.

    I've got key skills level 2 in all of them anyway, easy stuff.
  14. Feck me, I thought I did well, but I am sure they said I got level ones. Bet I looked like a right ****.
  15. meh qualifications mean feck all to me I know people in the infantry smarter than even aircraft techs...