Waiting for my 1st choice?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by CURFCno5, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Evening all.

    I passed selection last week and have been chewing this following issue over with my recruiter since then.

    My 1st choice was the Household Cavalry Regiment (RHG/D) but the only intake for them is in August this year which was filled before my selection. My 2nd choice is the Royal Tank Regiment, and they will be taking an intake in February coming. According to my recruiter the only intake HCav had this year was the August one, and they have not stated when their next one will be (there is nothing on the system up until March 2013, and that is not to say they would have anything close to or after that).

    I'm currently first reserve for the August intake should anyone drop out, but seeing as anyone who has applied to Hcav this year will be going then it seems unlikely that anyone will drop out.

    Do I wait for Hcav to release an intake date (perhaps being Aug 2013) or do I take the RTR intake for Feb? The RAC was always my first choice, and I really don't feel like taking my 3rd choice (CMT in the RAMC).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Sorry - I am also considering the 9th/12th Royal Lancers. Essentially, I am asking for anyone's opinion's on the regiments and careers within them.
  3. You are aware that if you go to the Household cavalry you will be sent straight away to do ceremonial duties in London? Go for the RTR, good reputation, and black coveralls are just so cool!
  4. Yeah, that was something I first found out. Ceremonial wouldn't bother me too much, but after 4 years at Uni I would quite like to get straight to Bovington and do something more interesting!
  5. 4 years at Uni ....and qualified to be a Tankie crewman?

  6. You sound like my recruiter, parents, friends and ADSO!
  7. " Ceremonial wont bother me too much"- you will be entering a world of hurt, especially when you find out you are below the horse in the food chain. Go RTR.
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  8. Cheers. The mrs is proper into horses so I did find myself thinking it would be interesting, but I'm not joining the Army to play with horses. Is anyone here current or ex RTR that could tell me what the day to day camp life is like?

    Also, I assume I would be 2 RTR as I'm originally from the South. I've had a read online about the different roles of 1 and 2 RTR. Anyone have any comments/thoughts/etc on the two.
  9. Realitty check time The only RAC regts that will be left alone in the next impending options for change will be the HCR/HCMR so if you want to make a decision and be able stick to with it Go Hcav as who knows what regts will be left once the curtain comes down.(just a thought)
  10. Does your user name suggest you are a lock in Rugby? You may just be a bit tall to be comfortable in a Panzer, even these new-fangled ones with room to hold a Squadron Smoker in the turret!
  11. This is worth considering. With Uni under your belt, by all means consider Cav or RTR, but get a job where you can poke your head out the hole in the top for most of the time.
  12. You'd be correct. Though I'm just shy of 6ft 3" and about 15 stone - so not exactly the biggest of locks - I assume there'd be room for me. Equally, I might struggle co-ordinating myslef on top of a horse.

    Have looked a fair bit at options for change in the past. From what I could gather FR is more safe (if at all) than anything else in the RAC.

    What attracted me to RTR was 1RTR's CBRN side. Can someone who is not from their recruitment area still apply for 1RTR? I have no idea how these things work! Equally, 2RTR's emphasis on Rugby and Skiing suit me rather well.
  13. You should be OK. Mr "Fatty" Danishname of the Skins fitted in a turret (just), although the trunnon tilt compensators had to be adjusted quite a bit for him :wink:

    If you want to get involved in CBRN you are plainly some form of deviant with a rubber festish. You should fit in well here.
  14. No such thing as day to day camp life these days, 1 RTR handed the CBRN role over to the RAF last November and are deployed in Afghan support in 12 Mech Bde (RSOI and Mastiff Troops deployed with CF's), 2 RTR are about to deploy to BATUS then Herrick next year. We are all waiting on the axe to fall in June, when the Carter report is due. There is some truth in the HCR/HCMR being "safe", but dont bet on it, armour is being looked at across the board.
  15. Cheers for that. So I'll be joining 2RTR by the looks of it then. As I said, their intake is Feb '13, after p1 and p2 there any chance I would be on the Herrick tour or would I have missed that opportunity?