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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by MatthewH, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Right on the 2nd of December 06 I did my barb test, told my recruter that I was taking my medical forms to my doctor in the following monday. I was told they will get in-contact with me when i need to come in for a interview once they have had the medical forms back.

    How long does this usually take as its nearlly been 2 months.

    I am going to call them next friday to see whats happening.
  2. took me less than 3 weeks..
  3. Why not just give the recruiting office a ring?

  4. It could be that your doctor hasn't sent your medical form off yet.
  5. I would give your doctors surgery a ring and ask them first - I had no end of trouble with mine... wanting payment beforehand etc...

    If everything is okay there, then give your recruiters a call...

  6. very true thats what happened with me, dont make my mistake by not contacting your doctor, my medical forms took 6 MONTHS!!! all because my doctor hadnt sent them off and lost them, and didnt think of contacting me so i had to give her more forms which she got paid for again! if i was you i would contact your doctor, my application took 8 months but other cases only take about 3 months its really varied
  7. it seems doctors are lazy c*nts judging by all the posts i have read thats why i followed the advice that the guys gave on here and got my doctor to fill out my medical when i was there.
  8. Unfortunately in my civvie life since leaving I can tell of several tails of the staff at Doctor's surgeries acting like little fooking Hitler's.. They really are a law unto themselves...

    Get the Admin side of your surgery to GET A FOOKING GRIP... Usually a visit and a request to see the senior partner in the practice is usually good enough... fooking troll's!!
  9. Lmao :thumright:
  10. took me two weeks from applying to get my basic date!
  11. I have my first interview on monday and i did my BARB test just 2 weeks ago so it shouldn't take that long.

  12. It took my doctor about 20 minutes to do my forms. I don't think he is supposed to send them to AFCO you know, he just claims his money, you take the forms back yourself, well that's what I did. I just sat in his office thing and he filled them in.
  13. Same happened to me I dropped my medical forms in to my doctor and it was takin ages for this "interview" to be arranged, I rang the recruiting office and they told me they hadnt got my medical forms back yet so I went berserk with my doctor for messing about, they sent them off eventually then I got my interview, but you do have to keep the recruiting office on there toes at time, constantly harrass them, I ring all of the time asking what the hold up is on different things. They told me one day I needed to see a specialist doctor, so I was waiting for an appointment to see one, and then after a month I rang and asked what was happening, they told me I didnt even have to see a specialist, I was gutted just missed a taking in point aswel cause of that. Just keep ringing up mate
  14. my son also had problems with the doctors taking so long to fill the forms out.i had to wait some six weeks. keep chasing everyone involved
  15. best advise yet soon as i started phoning all the time everything was sorted in no time