Waiting for discharge papers from TA

I'm currently waiting for my discharge papers from the TA before i can proceed with my application to join the RE regulars as a POM.
Have passed the BARB etc but can't move on until my papers arrive. My time was up in December 2006 but i moved before December.
My ACIO has contcted Glasgow to get my papers but it seems to be taking for ever.
I have tried contacting my old TA centre in Canterbury but the phone just seems to keep ringing lol Just wondered if there was any other way of contacting them as I don't live in Kent anymore, I'm over 200 miles away so calling in on a drill nights not an option.
And also if anyone else had experienced the same problem how long did it take to sort out?

Thanks in advance

P.S I'll aplogise now for any spelling mistakes lol

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