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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by tracer, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. Question. how long should you have to wait to be paid out for a claim? having been at my current unit for nearly 6 months now, and living on the lodge (SSSA, FIA, RPOD), none of these to date have been paid to me. All paper work has been authorised and signed prior to my arrival, but still no cash! every month my pay clerk tells me that it will be in my pay at the end of the month, nearly 6 months on im getting a bit bored with having the same conversation! Is there anything in Matt Regs to say that claims are to be paid within a certain time frame? Please give me an answer before i lean over the desk and ram the pay clerks head through her DII terminal.
  2. Trace...every contact leaves one...

    depends on the quality of the information you provide (like filling the forms in properly, authotities, receipts etc)then clerical training of the clerks and finally your balls in doing something to sort it out with the PSAO/RAO at unit level rather than getting macho by email...3 working days should be the norm, complain to me and I will sort t out - complain about me without telling me first and I will sort you out - I know where you live.
  3. its my god given right to moan, and moan i will! it would be different if it was your cash we were talking about.
  4. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    WTF was that all about?
  5. WTF??? hey slow down J-lad ... Trace was only asking a question! and whats all this balls about 3 working days!!! jeeeeeeeeeeze don't tell me someone has actually gone and got the clerks moving since I got out 8O most claims I ever put in took at least a week to complete if not longer and that was after I had done all the legwork walking the thing around getting the signatures etce.

    In fact the quickest to process them were the crabs! (two days being the longest, 15 to 45 mins for a 'simple' claim) best run Admin offices I ever come across in my whole 22... pro-active etce, the one at Leuchers even used to advise the individual on what you could claim on rather than let you find out yourself.
  6. J,

    suggest pressure is on but J it was was a fair q.

    T, suggest you go to your PSAO & UAO/RAO/XO to complain. If the clerks and supervisors are being ineffective then their CoC need to know and grip them.

    I cannot u/s why any claim takes more than 3 days to process from arrival (fully completed) in the Gen Office to payment in the bank, a week should be the absolute max. No civvie firm would accept it, r4oll on JPA.
  7. Ha.

    Obviously claims are the only jobs that the AGC(SPS) detachment have to do!!!!

    Theres usually five steps in the claims process. You can expect 1 or 2 days for each step.

    1) Soldier completes claim and hands in to clerk

    2) Clerk hands claim back to soldier because he/she (the soldier) is an idiot (Marital status 1-5? soldiers write M/S, idiots) or claim is handed in looking like it has been screwed up into a little ball, no supporting paperwork enclosed, no leave pass submitted....

    3) Clerk fits working out claims into his/her busy schedule(!), working around computer downtime etc.

    4) Claim passed to sys-coord for checking and entering onto the BACS system (Sys-coords are very busy people and claims can sit in their over-flowing trays for some time)

    5) FSA does final check and authorises bacs payment.

    hmm. no civvy firms would insist on sidies above halfway up the ear, or send individuals on operational deployments etc. the army is different, get over it!
  8. Look on the good side, when JPA comes in you will fill in your own claims on line and the money should be in your bank in four(?) days. Better still you do not have to get a rupert to authorise your claim so it should be really quick.

    The downside is that you wont have a clerk to help you fill it in and you will have to know all rules yourself.
  9. Sounds like there are some clerks getting all indignant here ?!

    Lets face it, sometimes you fcuk up and you know it.

    I don't know the details of tracers position, but I know how many times my pay/claims have been fcuked up through no fault of my own so don't try and make out it's always our fault. Like the time I applied for 6 months SSSA/FIA and the daft cnuts took 6 months food and accom off me in a one-er (instead of paying me the allowance every month for six months), how the fcuk did that happen and why would Glasgow take six months food and accom off anyone in advance ?! It's as if you cnuts can't read what's on the form, it was certainly filled in properly.

    Yeah, roll on JPA I say, I've been using armynet to download forms for a while now and it's certainly kicked our shite clerks into touch and stopped them using out of date forms. Cnuts.
  10. Goose of course they do, I'm sure you do as well.

    When your clerk tried to start you FIA 6 months late they would also have to start Food & Grade 2 accn charges backdated at the same time (If for some obscure reason you left it six months to claim your FIA, what did you think would happen?). Evidently AFPAA processed one but not the other. Write to your RAO to point out the error that occurred and ask him/her to give the system a kicking.
  11. No I didn't leave it until after the detachment, I was placing my initial application for SSSA/FIA, for some reason it was not processed but that didn't stop the cnuts taking six months food and accom from me in advance - ie I applied in Jan and was immediately billed food and accom for the period Jan-Jun.

    How did that happen ??? I can understand Glasgow taking a back-dated payment if I had left it too late to get the paperwork in, but what the fcuk were they thinking taking it off me (in a one-er !!!) in advance the robbing cnuts.

    I was on the phone immediately and the useless cnuts in the UAO said there had been a problem and it will be sorted out in two weeks ... leaving me to call the bank and explain why I was overdrawn by nearly a grand despite just having been 'paid'

    That's why I can understand tracers position, but like I said, I won't comment further because I don't know the details there.
  12. That's why I can understand tracers position, but like I said, I won't comment further because I don't know the details there.[/quote]

    Panic over lads and lasses, after nearly 6 months they've took the hint and decided to pay me. what can i moan about now....dam these boots are tight!

  13. Boots tight BOOTS TIGHT !! Are you wearing issued socks, bet you have been out and bought civvy insoles....try running through streams and through bogs...sleep in them let them mould to your feet...if that doesnt work and you fill out the relevant paper work i will order you a pair...should have them at the end of the month....(didnt say which month) :lol:
  14. G_Fore, that sounds like your a golfer?