Waiting for a letter or phonecall

how long do you wait before you get told what your training date is i passed with an A but ive been waiting ages
i phoned and they just said ur get told asap but its been ages
go to your afco and speak to your recruiting sgt, he should be able to pull a date for you.
ash_p said:
I passed with an A at the start of December and only got my date mid-Feb for August.
How do you get more medals on your avatar ASH.I started off well but i can't seem to get more than 3.Am i doing something wrong as i would like to earn another medal before i start phase 1. :soldier:
Wil you only get medals for good posts, and they will take them away if you are crap, and your recruit Cpl will have your name prior to your arrival in 27 days so be careful.

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