Waiting a loooong time...

Just wondering if anyone else had waited such a long time to get an interview date, because I've been waiting since the 20th July, and waiting on my Med Questionaire, which my local ACIO has said that Pirbright Med Centre has recieved and is processing, so why the long wait??
I've about people waiting upwards of six months, just for there medicals to be processed. Although there could be a reason for the delay, it's absolutely rediculous to have potential recruits wait so long. That was one of the things I worried about, the delay; however, I seem to be one of the lucky ones and have got through very quickly.

I was told it all depends on the recruiting office and how the guys at your recruiting office handle things. The best advice I was given was just to keep on their heels and call them once a week to keep things moving.

Sorry I couldn't be of any help to you, but good luck with the process and hopefully things will pick up soon :wink:

Thanks Ayrey, Ive been calling my ACIO Recruiter on the Friday of every week so far, and he's already called the Med Centre twice on my behalf to find out what the delay is, but they just keep saying its with them and being processed, so there's not much he can do...

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