Waiter is facing 10 years’ jail

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mongoose, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if this has been posted before, had a quick search.

    A WAITER caught with a gun and the address of a British soldier is facing up to 10 years in prison.

    Abu Baker Mansha, aged 21, tracked down the home of Corporal Mark Byles, 34, after reading a newspaper report on his killing of three rebels in Iraq.

    Corporal Byles was awarded the Military Cross following the incident, which was reported in a national newspaper Former Pizza Hut waiter Mansha, who was seized in a Special Branch swoop in March, had underlined vital passages in the story and on a separate scrap of paper had scrawled a Portsmouth address under the word Hero'.

    Police officers also found a blank-firing pistol which someone had tried to adapt to fire live bullets.

    At Southwark Crown Court on December 22, Mansha was convicted of possessing a document containing information likely to be useful to a person who was committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

    Under the Terrorism Act 2000 the offence carries the maximum term of 10 years' imprisonment.

    Mansha, of Arnott Close, Thamesmead, denied the charge.

    He claimed he was helping a friend research a story.

    Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith remanded him in custody until January 26 while pre-sentence reports are prepared.

  2. That is plain scary, smacks of the old days in NI. But, hopefully this scumbag will get what's coming to him.
  3. Old days of NI? believe me mate - the PIRA boys have long memories and are waiting until the Shinners get some real power. It's all one way traffic with them. They want on the runs to be let back but will not take away the death threats on Irish born squaddies.
  4. In another thread some wag asked if there would be much of a contest between a guy who killed 20 'heads, mostly in hand to hand and a fat overweight market stall bloke.....

    Whats the betting if it had got to the face to face bit the defence would have been I only wanted to scare him with the weapon, I didnt know it could fire real rounds and he is racist for beating the shit out of me....... It took ten people to get him off me and I am only a poor man who is oppressed. I dont like being on a two way range and fighting hand to hand, I am a peaceful man who just did a bit of research and was in the wrong place at the wrong time ie 'I fcuked it up'.

    Full marks to the enforcers mind. Bring em before the courts in open session for all to see that they certainly do not scare us, they might inconvenience us and might blow us up but certainly not scare us. Mind you, they dont like fighting face to face though, only an opinion based on fact (own eyes)!

    D'ya remember how Shinny/PIRA used to leg it when they found someone who fired back and made it a two way range?? I remember the milkman who was approached from the rear by four, two with auto weapons; 'this is the IRA and you are dead' they said, well he had other ideas and laid I think two flat on the spot, pushing their nipples through their backs with his PPW and one of the cowards limped across the border, the other became an olympic athlete in his travels,,,,,,,,,,,,,, only what I read in the papers of course,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. 10yrs is less painful than what Cpl byles would have done to him if he rocked up on his doorstep with a converted replica imho . I
  6. Why doesn't the British Union of Waiters, or some other such body, issue a press statement to dissolve fears of hatred against waiters in the aftermath of this arrest? Something about waiters being peaceful, and that the Service Industry is an industry of peace and love? Or could there be an important piece of information missing in the article?
  7. Slightly off-topic but still related to the subject. My father was a plod for 35 years and in the '70's nicked a drunk driver. This drunk turned out to be Irish and upon charging was "flagged" as a member of PIRA. Dad had to escort Paddy and hand him over to colleagues in SB. He never saw the man again and years later an enquiry on the database was blocked. However, every Christmas we received a nice little Christmas card to my Dad from all his "friends in the IRA". We relocated several times ,but in the end Dad said Fcuk it and we just stayed put. Strange thing is he stopped getting them when he retired.
  8. According to some reports he was a market stall holder, so why doesnt the Municiple Union of Sales, Loanspeople In Market Stalls equally issue a statement to dissolve fears?
  9. .... a visa, benefits, free medical care, free education ni a muslim school for his kids, and a council house after jumping the queue. :roll:
  10. Death by firing squad IMO.

    Same with all IRA terrorists.

  11. Sorry mate no chance with Blair about,not forgetting the wicked witch
  12. please refer to our esteemed dictator by his proper title, B Liar esq, respect is not due folks and there is not enough alcohol (not even Asbach) in this world to make the witch fanciable (and this from a veteran of the NAAFI bops with the ahem,,,,,,,, calorifically challenged dancing partners)!!!
  13. Oh Asbach rocket fuel,and fighting water!!
  14. Seriously though -- why has the media, and the BBC in particular, started to identify (alleged) Islamic terrorists by their occupations? Will this policy be extended to Irish terrorist groups as well? If not, why not? Is the fact that they are a plumber, waiter, accountant or whatever relevant?
  15. The insinuation is that he is in employment as opposed to being a sponger.