wait out for medals?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by swift, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. does anyone know whats the eta on the medals for optelic 4?
  2. ERR.. How long is a piece of string? :?
  3. Far as I know, some have been recieved.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    There have been/are several other threads on this.

    Telic 2, and still waiting, none arrived here for our TELIC 4 peeps yet, so don't hold your breath.
  5. My telic 3 has arrived but is locked in the coy safe untill some dic%( who was'nt there) can organise a free party for himself. 8O

    I might get it before I leave. :roll:
  6. ive heard that a few lads from my coy has recived them,they was on optelic 3.i read in mag that whitehall have opened a new medal centre.
  7. haven't heard anything about my telic 3 medal
  8. probly come from glasgow like the pay hehe
  9. I finally got my Telic 2 medal last week, so hang on in there.
  10. will do sir.thanks
  11. Telic 4. We're reliably informed that we'll have our medals by Christmas. Surely I've heard that before somewhere?
  12. Did they say which christmas ?
  13. I am waiting for Telic 4 gong, the unit i was with applied for them as soon as we hit the 30 day mark.
    but then again, this very morning i was amazed to see a girl in my unit collecting her medal from Telic 5!!!!!
  14. Guys can I just point out that this is no new problem

    I went to NI in 87 as a reg and waited a minor eon for my medal, to put it bluntly I went straght from the factory and had to borrow a medal for my Lance Jacks leadership course passout some 3 years later

    Joke was all our lads were given theres by the unit clerk still in the boxes wheras us sprogs, coz we were late, were requested later and thus arrived latter only to be left in the regt safe till some General to visit for an LSGC parade, utter wnak

    My GW1 medal was even worse, as I and my colleagues were not part of a recognised group, no-one applied for them, when we asked about them we were called glory hunters and told to feck off, in the end I applied in person and got my medal in about a week

    My SFOR medal on the other hand was chucked at me by the adjt across his desk
  15. My telic 4 came 2 months ago. Got given it in a jiffy bag.

    No sweat.