Wait it out, or change?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Dinnerz94, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. As my sig. says, im currently awaiting a place at ATFC Winchester. All 3 of my job choices take me here - and im currently 12th and 13th on the list to be allocated a place for my 1st and 2nd job choice. (Av. and Aircraft Tech)
    Evidently i'm joining as a junior, and i think 17 and 5months is the cutoff for JE? In which case i have till May.
    Originally, i was joining the RA but whilst at ADSC i received a text telling me my GCSE grades, being on my phone, a Corporal asked me why i had it on so the conversation went on, and it resulted in him telling me im an idiot for not picking a technical role.
    The question is, if it gets say to late november/early december, should i consider switching back to RA and try to get a place in Harrogate's Jan. intake, or risk it and hope to get in before May?

    Waiting isn't an issue; Not knowing is.

    Thanks in advance for your replies:)
  2. Shirley youre best off starting as you mean to go on. If you want RA go for RA, if you want REME go REME.
  3. I can't really fault that tbf. I just wanna get gone and do something with my life. I realise i'm lacking patience awfully bad >.<
  4. The Iron is the chap to talk to. But I beleive your chances of swapping trades once in are getting awfully slim.

    You need, therefore, to pick your trade carefully.

    If you are a bright lad and are interested in techy stuff do that. Bewary of just joining a trade to get in early. You wont go far in a trade that you dont like, or that you have little aptitude for (not all about the grades).

    If you miss juniors, so what. You can still join as an adult.
  5. Totally agree with what CF says, dont just change trades to get in quicker or you will leave after 4 years....there has been a pause in loading that should be lifted by this week once numbers for training are sorted...if I was you go in face to face with your Recruiter later this week and discuss it with him. As CF also said you are extremely unlikely to change once in and sign a job offer letter once allocated stating this....the REME trades you mention are very limited and with only a B grade you may find it hard to get allocated...but stick with your guns for the next month until things are more clear as you will still hopefully have time to get a RA place instead (your Recruiter will advise this more than likely). Regarding if you miss JE it isnt as straight forward as just going in as an adult as more than likely the ADSO will insist you go back and do SE ADSC as there are harder requirements for adults....and to be honest unless you get a very high A grade as an adult you will not get a place in the REME as many of those who passed over a year ago and still waiting to get allocated with limited places for trades. As said wait out till clearer news on what places are available and go and have a chat with your Recruiter.