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Hey chaps

I left the regulars in march and have looked into joining the TA but they said i had to wait for 1 year because my discharge code is 9.303 which i was told is the QR for all normal service leavers could anyone help out here because i never put a foot wrong so why should i have to wait .
That sounds odd - did you get out with an exemplary - or were you naughty?
It sounds like utter bollocks to me.

Ask them to e mail you reasons so you have written proof of incompetence.

If you wait there may be severe disadvantages.
Agreed, something is not right. 9.303 is the standard discharge code for those leaving before their 22 year point.

I would go back and ask them why and as Mr Snakey says, get something in writing.

In fact, if you have an ArmyNet account you could print off Para 9.303 of QRs, put it (politely) under their nose and ask them to explain why that is a barrier to you joining.

FFS, I thought the TA were supposed to be making it easier for ex soldiers to join?
Sounds odd...it may not be you though. Have you done a medical? Once they send off an AFB203 to Glasgow it can take ages (it has taken eight months for one of mine) for them to reply with an answer.
If not, go somewhere else that knows what they are talking about....
Thanks for the feedback guys i gave them a call and spoke to a different guy and explained what had happened and he couldnt appologize enough.

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