Waistcoat Mans GP Ops

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Boxy, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Question, the 2 25mm male clips over the shoulders & horizontal towards the centre at the back, what are they for? it's as if there should be a pack or somesuch, anyone any ideas.

    Sad isn't it.
  2. 2 x 25mm female clips. As to what they are attached too, I haven't a clue.

    Whats that plastic thing for you put the folding digging thing in?.

    Why does the little top on my metal mug/flask unscrew, whats that little space for.
  3. LOL.

    Stops the colapsing diggy thingy getting dirty? they come free with it.
    cos it does?
  4. Hydration pack???????
  5. Could be but I'll do like Brucie suggets & fit 25mm female clips! or a 25mm female.
  6. Used to carry the Hydration Pack on mine but have seen others using them for the rocket pack (single or double). Somewhat iffy securing the bottom end but the loop usually does what's needed.
  7. Mmmm, someones got a new toy. :party:

    The clips are as already stated, for the Camelback/Daysack.
  8. Then they'd be 15mm as opposed to 25mm, wouldn't they?, I've not seen the new Camelbak, but I think there 15mm clips as well so that it can fit behind a 'jet pack' when tabbing.
  9. The issue Camelbaks and the poorly made copies all have 15mm clips as do the issue rocket packs, so this question has been on my mind as well.(i know i should get out more)But my opinion is that as they are made by the lowest bidder the company that makes them fcuked up with the size of the clips that is why there is so many for sale in surplus stores and on ebay. :frustrated:
  10. The 'cheap' looking Camelbak copy is actually superior! I know it looks cack but the bladder has a better internal finish and is less likely to grow nasty stuff that'll give you D&V. Made in Israel by Source. Shame about the valve.

    I did see a daysack thing that clipped on to that vest, clips were the right size and in all the right places. Came out from trials dept. label marked up with something to do with SF. Not smart I know but that's what it said. Really strange piece of kit with large drainage/venting eyelets all over it. No idea what it was for. No seperate yoke so it had to be worn on the vest. It wouldn't surprise me if the vest has been made with fittings as standard despite no one getting anywhere near the intended attachment.
  11. Lady_Macbeth.

    You're quite right. It's a specialist item, as you described, called: Pouch, UDU, DPM, IRR
    NSN: 8465-99-869-3623

    ...and no, I haven't got a clue what it's for.


  12. Do you leave it one when you do that digging lark stuff?

    Mine gets terribly dirty when I do that and I keep getting told "deeper wider, longer"
    or "if you go any deeper Maskers I'll do you for desertion" etc
  13. I wouldn't really know, since I'm Cav, so I've a man to do the manual labour!
  14. Fair one FFBox,

    I'll get my (trench) coat....