Wahai Mohammed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FlakeShag, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Just a question, do the Para's retain this old chant or is it censored by the nanny state?

    I heard of it after visiting Egypt, apparently the Red Devils used it as a sort of battle cry. They attained it after hearing the locals shouting it every ware they went, its enough to send today’s tom round the bend.
  2. its WAHOO not WAHAI!!
  3. The plaque I saw defiantly said Wahai.
  4. Well the battle cry of the Parachute Regiment is definitly WAHOO.
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  5. Where was this plaque then?
  6. Waho mohammed I think...not hai or hoo...
  7. Cuddles is correct. It is "Waho Mohammed"

    Waho Mohammed

    While the 1st Parachute Brigade served in North Africa, they noted that whenever the local Arabs shouted messages to each other, they always began by saying "Waho Mohammed". The Brigade adopted it as a war cry, and it spurred men on to great feats, with the added benefit that it helped to distinguish between friend or foe - The Germans couldn't pronounce the phrase.

    Extracted from here.

  8. wahoo, waho, wahai,..... what about geordie paras though wouldnt it then be Wahey Mohammad (canny lad!) :)
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  9. Is that where a wah comes from then?!
  10. One such position was between Djebel Abiod and Sedjenane in which Lieutenant Colonel Jock Pearson, commanding the 1st Parachute Battalion, rallied his men including the cooks, clerks, batmen and everyone who was capable of holding a rifle, as we charged the enemy positions. The dark valley of this wooded area reverberated to the cries of “Wahoo Mohammed”, which mingled with the reports of gun shots and mortar fire, until finally we regained our objective. The action took a heavy toll of casualties after some extremely heavy fighting.
  11. I thought cries of 'Wahey Mohammed' were used when soldiers were getting into trouble whilst out on the piss....all the bloke had to do was scream 'wahey mohammed' and 30 seconds later he would have 30 muckers to help him out...or thats what I heard on the grapevine.
  12. Surely 30 taxi-drivers ready to take him home... Or 30 kebabs are made ready to be spilled on his shoes... Nowadays, of course, such a cry is likely to bring 30 coppers ready to do you for 'race crime'.
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  13. So... Do they still use this chant or have the helicopters came already?
  14. Just for the record; and to agree with some of the above, that the correct pronunciation is/was “Waho Mohammed”.
    Nothing but.