Could someone please explain to me what a 'Wah' is?
How many times can this question be asked by people to lazy to search previous threads?
I'm not.
I'm going to regret this confession, but...........

I'd been in the army several years before I heard the term Wah. Even then it wasn't from someone in the Corps. Unfortunately I then spent a couple of weeks being Wah'd and didn't know what was going on. Obviously every time I asked what a wah was it would, inevitably, be met with the response "Is that a Wah?". In the finest traditions of the Corps, I have now adopted the Wah as my own and Wah at every possible opportunity to the point of being a twat.
Damn - was hoping for a few more bites there!! To anyone who answered the question - WWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
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Wah were a popular beat combo in the 80s, best known for 'Story of the Blues'
but not just the Wah, they were the "Mighty Wah"
Sound more like Wahnkers :p
In the last year I have been introduced to two people called "Wayne Kerr". Or maybe I was being Waahhhhh'd.
Ewan Kerr edited the Beano for a while-there was a radio interview where the DJ introduced him and then 2 minutes in pi$$ed himself and lost it totally-great radio
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