Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OLDBIGHEAD, May 14, 2010.

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  1. Several fucking threads on here, pointing to a fucking WAH, when the poster clearly has no fucking idea what constitutes a fucking wah and what fucking doesn't!! If you dont fucking know the difference between a fucking wah and a fucking walt


    Edited to add - i dont hate civvys, i used to be one, but this site is getting wank because its full of people who have no clue about service life and its ups/downs/humour etc
  2. Whispers wah quietly. :lol:
  3. Whats a wah ?
  4. Think he's got a problem expressing himself ;-)
  5. Good example, well done! :) (your effort will be lost on some though, trust me!)
  6. I think its a group who sang The story of the Blues back in the 80's :?
    Quite what they have to do with Arrse i have no idea.
  7. They were Mighty though!!
  8. Is there a word for asking a question with a blatantly obvious answer?
  9. Nah. :)
  10. Duuh, yeah of course there is it's called a............. ahhh, you fecker!
  11. I also like the NAH which was awarded for stating the obvious.

    Picture the scene:

    Three of you are walking down the road. Your knuckles are raw, you are spattered in blood and have various injuries.
    A monkey Rover pulls up.

    Matey says: We're in the shit.
    Reply: NAH! (some say No Shit Sherlock.)

    Monkey gets out of Rover
    Have you guys been fighting?
    Reply: WAH!
  12. I've tried to point out the finer points of a Wah before......gave in. Fcuking mongs on this site
  13. Bah. :x
  14. Did no one get it?
  15. Get what? :?