Wah 64

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Shevas_voice, Mar 20, 2003.

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  1. ??? does anybody welcome the on coming of this impressive machine, ok yes it has problems but so does the corps should we s*~t can that too.
    Just intrested if anybody has anything good to say

    or if there going to slate it a least get some real facts? :p
  2. no way should it get sh1t canned..... it's about time army aviation got something that could do the job.... look at the scout.... took longer to load 4 ss11 than it took to fly the sortie... lynx wasn't that much better... with wah64.... at least you get to fire 8 shots and get back for a reload cos you don't have to manually guide the weps
  3. Its actually called the "Apache AH Mk1"
  4. Ok..serious...its going to revolutionise the Army..providing it with round the clock, swift.manoueverable firepower.

    The Groundcrew and Aircrew are going to need much better training as well as man management.

    The biggest problem is going to be dealing with those within the corps that arent willing to change. No longer can the RSM expect a 100% parade whilst flying operations are finishing or just commencing.

    There will also be a major need for MCM to post and promote carefully in order to maintain sustainability within Sqns.

    Theres no hiding from it either as the future lynx will have an almost identical form of avionics and will require just as much concentrated and well trained manpower.

    Its going to be a difficult but rewarding road ahead for the corps...with much more emphasis on specialisation within all the trades...

    Im afraid its the beginning of the end for the "jack of all trades and master of none".....
  5. So long as there's no lone farmers carryng hunting rifles........ ;D
  6. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    I am unable to comment on the AH

    I left a few years ago and my info is second hand and mostly ill informed, Muttley is clearly an authority on the cab and prividing we stay with in the boundaries if security etc etc, Im sure we can all learn a great deal.

    I'd like this thread to remain serious and On topic, unless of course there is a gag that simply won't wait ;D

    The AH is the future of the Corps wether we like it or not, and the beast is here to stay

    In your own time carry on.....................
  7. Not sure if your joking Gunny...but the AH lost in the recent fracas was not brought down by a farmer or indeed a shovel..think you might find it landed because of mechanical problems...which is why the crew had time to scarper..and indeed werent caught until later.

    Oh and sorry porridge..not an authority...but by all means ask...and if i know and its ok to discuss etc etc
  8. Looker,
      Your knowledge of the Scout AH1 is depolorable!   To load 4xSS11 should take no longer that five minutes with a FARP crew on each boom.   The aircraft could be de-boomed by the removal of three pit pins for trooping operations and the GPMG could either be strapped onto the skids in a fixed forward firing mode operated by the pilot or in the rear compartment operated by a door gunner.
    What you must not lose sght of is at the time it was heralded as major advance for Army Aviation that will take the corps forward blah blah blah.   It is all relative for the time as when Lynx was introduced it was a major advance for Army Aviation that will blah blah blah.   The problem is that once we buy something we don't learn to throw it away when it is knackered but continue trying to keep it going for as long as possible.  
  9. Not on the WAH subject but just a quick point for Muttley - the RSM can never expect a 100% parade even now, 75% of the aircrew and sigs freaks always have some p**s poor excuse anyway
  10. Yes it's a fantastic aircraft and great that  the AAC are getting them with the added bonus of pissing off the Crabs,but in all fairness surely the requirement for them has passed with the end of the Warsaw Pact and the threat of massed Tank formations rolling over the IGB?
    Are there in fact,better ways of spending our over- stretched defence budget? I will now climb back into my revetted trench with full o/head protection and await incoming!
  11. jaeger...

    Not going to argue...just worth pointing out that the more recent conflicts would have benefited from a mobile detterrent such as the AH...Im sure that both the Tankies and the Infantry will agree (if not now..then the future) that its a comforting thought to have such aircraft on call...
  12. Heh Muttley,

    When did you become the authority on the Apache AH Mk 1, mate, last I knew you were in a place where there are none.
    Yes it's a stunning machine, no doubt about that, but  have the powers that be worked out the effect on aviation operations that this beast is going to have.
    Me thinks not.

    Anyway Muttley, and I am being nice, get  off your high horse! :)
  13. Yes....like you'd Know any more than me!!!!!!!

    Do you a deal..I'll get of my horse when you get off your pony!

  14. Gents,
      As a Crab, I've only recently discovered this highly entertaining site.  It is truly touching to note the respect and affection for my Service that is so evident in the many ARRSE threads!!   ;D ;D

     I'd also just like to point out that, far from Army AH ownership 'pissing us off', many of us Crabs heartily believe that the Apache should belong to the AAC.  As an E-3D guy, I've worked quite a bit with Army Aviation in BH, Kosovo, Afghanistan and most recently on TELIC.  I've also spent a fair bit of time with the Army in NI and BATUS.  

     Like many in the Junior Service, I have no doubt that the AAC will be able to operate AH in a highly effective manner and will no doubt be teaching the US Army some Top Tips very quickly.  Likewise, I think that the REME will be able to maintain it in the field (as long as you buy enough black boxes!).  

     My one area of concern however is that I fear that the AAC hierarchy (let alone the Army as a whole) will take a long time to get their head around the potential of the Apache/Longbow mix.  Comments such as Jaeger's regarding the need for AH having passed with the Cold War tanks frankly illustrate the mindset that needs to be overcome.  

     The AH-64D is far, far more than a tank killer.  Like ATACM's, it has the potential to reach far beyond Div and even Corps boundaries.  It will (rightly) expand the Corp's role and responsibilities, acting as your initiation into the Joint Digitised ops.  Doctrinally, that needs to be grasped very quickly to ensure that your Service doesn't short change the AAC.  

     We need to see you guys getting into more Flag type exercices, so that you become familiar with working routinely with ISTAR assets such as AWACS, SIGINT, JSTARS, ASTOR and UAV's.  I just hope that inter-Service rivalry doesn't hinder good sense.


    Initiates retrograde for incoming Crab banter!! 8)
  15. Oy!!
    What do you mean,"mindset" If you take the trouble to read my posting again you'll note that I was actually posing a question with the intention of  starting a debate, not stating an opinion!!!Arrogant git.
    No wonder we hate you. :mad: