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Torygraph today (Monday 25th March) says that the Apache "can't fire" hellfire missiles during peace-time because of the debris produced by firing damages the airframe - and, specifically - the tail rotor.

Is this all journo-invented bullsh*t, a mountain made from a mole-hill, or another example of something that looks good but isn't actually that good ?


I think the technical term for this is


Mind you, CRV7 rockets on the other hand - DOH!
Written by an ex-Sgt in the Int Corps. Obviously qualified to comment. He broadbrushes and bashes similar subjects to do the normal journo thing of sensationalising and non story. Wouldn't read too much into it.



If you want someone to comment on how good the Hellfire missile is try:

Mr S Hussein
President for Life
Any Palace
The People´s Republic of Iraq

As my colleague Flashy has said, it is the story that is ARRSE.  The UK Apache hasn´t yet received clearance to fire any of its weapons systems but that is just part of the acceptance process.  Don´t believe all that you read.


I would never believe everything I read (especially if it's put out by DCC(A) !)  ;) - but I kinda figured that this was a load of horse manure.  But that's journos for you. Ta' v much for the brief answer.

[edited for a typo - my k ybo rd don t wrok prop rly]


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we are getting hellfire they're being built in Northern Ireland by shorts missiles.(when they're not dropping them on the floor)

Anyway has anyone thought to point out the US army hase been using this combination for about 20 years with no ill effect!!!!!!!

the delay is probably more to do with the british engines and electronics fit (put in new systems and guess what they don't integrate as planned doh!)
The story didn't seem to originate in UK.  The writer(s) were reporting on spam 64s, not ours.  Sounded convincing enough in the four papers I read anyway....  Not that I care, they have many years to sort that one out before we have sufficient numbers of them to put a regiment together....  :(


There's nowt really wrong with the new cab. It does what It supposed to. It's all the logistics that go with it that are the problem

lack of spares
lack of training
lack of technological knowledge
no clearance to fire weapons
etc  :-X
I think you will find there will be alot of similarities between ours and the Spams.  I know they are not allowed to fire rockets from the 2 inside pylons as the eflux stall the engines...doh!  This problem was identified quite some time ago but we have chosen to ignore it.


The restriction is one that stops us firing huge numbers of Hellfire from one aircraft in one session at the firing point whilst in training.  So what's the problem?  Sounds like ill-informed newsprint column filling to me.

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