WAH 64 Crash

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by quickstop, Apr 18, 2006.

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  1. Rumour or myth?

    CTT in the last few days?

  2. What's a WAH 64? Is it like an Apache AH1?
  3. Apache and AH1 are two different choppers........so that makes three of you.......... :wink:
  4. Now that's funny :lol:
  5. Is this a WAH??? 8O

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. WAH? Do you mean a Westlands Attack Helicopter? :wink:
  7. Think the point here is that the AAC dropped WAH about 2 years ago and its known as Apache AH 1 and not WAH 64.
  8. Dropped as in 'it crashed' ?
  9. Westlands still call it a WAH.

    It's a 64.

    You know what I mean!

    Any credence to this rumour?
  10. If not we could start one?

    I thought I saw one sinking in some marsh land of Morecambe bay, I forgot to get teh tail number though
  11. so nothing about the abbo setting the hover mode to transition mode (not an AH driver so forgive me) by mistake and drifting into the trees at 11 kts, then the QHI thinking he had an engine failure, flying off before observing the Torques and concluding he had better land sharp?

    Damage to the tail rotor, stabiliser and one side of the aircraft?

    Perhaps not a crash then......
  12. If you know so much about it quickstop, why are you fishing to find out if it happened, it seems you know all there is to know or are you just into spreading gossip.
  13. The latter, neodyniomyag. This is after all the Army Rumour Service.

    (Should'nt it be Neodymium? Would have thought you would have known that ;))
  14. Helicopter, cab or helly. Not Chopper, that's an axe.

  15. Not even "helly" makes you sound like a 3 year old, cab is okay but why not just stay with Apache, Gazelle and Lynx.

    However it says on the MOD web site that it is the Apache AH Mk1 (WAH 64 Apache Longbow) so you can call it any of them since its okay with the MOD and is it not policy to use appoved names.

    The other thing AH has nothing to do with Attack Helicopter it means ARMY HELICOPTER if I am not mistaken Lynx XX153 at the Museum is an AH MK1 and the first Gazelle in the service were AH MK 1 AH1 means nothing even the Scout was an AH MK1 in 1960 and before you all say anything about the Sioux (Bell 47G) yes it to was an AH MK 1 just look here http://www.whl.co.uk/history_timeline3.cfm 1960 for the Scout and 1962 for the Sioux or here http://www.whl.co.uk/history_timeline3.cfm in the case of the Lynx and Gazelle under the years 1970, 1971 and 1972

    Lets not get into MK (Mark/modifaction) numbers.