Wagon train to Baghdad

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Dilfor, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Times2 Article

    'The road from Kuwait to Baghdad is one of the most dangerous in the world. Risking roadside bombs, grenades and snipers, our correspondent joined a mile-long convoy supplying US troops in Iraq, led by a 26-year-old woman with two years' military experience'

    Interesting (and quite rare) article about loggie ops in Iraq (albeit US). Useful recognition that 'Support troops used to operate well behind frontline troops, but in Iraq the front line is everywhere' for all those who so disparage REMFs (particularly the armchair critics, or the gate guard ones).

    I think pre-convoy prayers are definitely the way to go too. Not quite sure what I'd be praying for though....

  2. "Third-line is the front line in the assymetric battle".....and
    Uncle Jeff if you use that in an official presentation can i get the credit???!!!!!
  3. Was not overly impressed to see a Sgt changing the tune on his iPod whilst on the move. I hope that none of our Logisticians (or any other Arms for that matter) would dream of doing that.

    Sadly it is not always the case; I have heard of Top Cover sentries listening to theirs whilst on the move as well as people listening to them during O Groups.
  4. I reckon they might be onto something though. How about issuing orders as a Podcast do you think more people might listen????
  5. Have I got multiple personnalities AGAIN????

    There is only one........ :)

    (Quite an apt entry for my 600th post)
  6. Oh congratulations, what a milestone 600 posts. You must have fingers like a stunted dwarf............