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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MrMillar, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi, I understand we earn a reduced amount of money during Phase 1, but does this continue through till after Phase 2?

    Just curios.
  2. BuggerAll

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    Reduced from what? If you have not started training you are not earning anything, at least not from the army.
  3. No, approx. £800 during training (after tax) & then approx. £1'100 (after tax) once you get to battalion (It'll go up once you do your OFTs, basic signals course etc). If you're posted to Germany then you get LOA as well.
  4. The OP is asking about how much you get the first few weeks /months till JPA has sorted your wages out i presume. You get £14,000 a year until past training then it goes up to £17,000 once a trained soldier.....during phase 1 however until pay starts going in your bank after the first month...sometimes longer you will get paid approx £50 a week pay parades. Some of the new recruits who have passed out at Basic recently may be able to elaberate more as from feed back from some of my applicants it varies. Thats why you should ensure you have no debts and a bank account before you start training.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up
  6. After chatting to a friend who just finished ph2, at ph1 he didn't opt to recieve the pay advance and got his full wage packet the second month, he started in April and got paid the end of may. If you can hold on till then saves alot of pissing about I believe. He said was 750-800 after all deductions inc food and accom
  7. How much did he have saved up? How much did he spend up until he received wages?
  8. You only need money saved to cover your finances for the first month or two until pay is regular, as Iron has said many many many ........many times
  9. My question was simply how long do you receive £800 a Month until it goes upto the full amount, not how much you need to save, but this topic is all but answered really.
  10. Sliced answered you that question...approx £800 is the full amount (14K a year) after food, accomodation, NI and tax is taken out for a new Recruit...as long as you have a bank account, NI Number correct ect you should start getting that much plus any back pay you didnt take in your account last working day of every month.

  11. Appoligies i was answering the question another member posted, you will be on recruit pay till approx 1 month after ph1. However, if you want it from the horses mouth ask your recruiter

  12. Do naafi prices on certain items still go through the roof at certain points during the training schedule?
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  13. You have to be careful as first you buy a NAAFI Pukka Pie, then fall ill so need lucozade and paracetamol, then soon after imodium ......I suppose unlike the NAAFI prices at least Dick Turpin wore a mask.
  14. Oh my bad, thanks for answering my question also.

  15. Wish s/he answered mine.