Wages in Iraq


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Saw a job advertised working in Logistics on camps in Iraq
Wages are negotionable
Can anyone give a pointer on what they should be

Depends which Company is offering the job and what the job entails. Are you Logistics Manager or one of the storemen?
Hmm, $100k - $125k pr year, tax free if you stay for a full tax year.

if you're log manager i'd say ceiling of around $500 a day to be honest, not much more. if you're a norman, closer to $400/$350 mark a day. Most guys on the ground (shooters) arent getting much more than that, obviously TL's etc will get slightly more. its all company dependant though.and if you get paid in £ you're ok, $ is a bollox at the minute with the exchange rate. i've been here for 3 years all over the country, so am only relaying what i've heard from people in the likes of KBR etc.
KBR pay $84000 for ROWPU ops, which was at the lowest end of the scale, everyone else was on more. PM for more info if you need it.

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