wages f##k up

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pensionslave, Feb 6, 2006.

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  1. :p who went into work today and found out they were a few quid better off thanks to them nicepeople up in glasgow, just remember if you are a pad they can only take 4 days at a time back at once
  2. Yep - I was £6712.23 better off, I checked my account and thought I'd won the Army Sports Lottery.
  3. Any idea why ?
  4. Just been on the RHQ forum - and this might actually be bonafide, my mate just rang me up to explain - go take a look!!
  5. not really the same thing, but one of my bosses years ago got massive overpayment - they paid him backpay when he was made subbie captain, not realising he was acting (and therefore being paid it already).

    point being, he refused to pay it straight back as he found they could only ask for X amount - so he took it as an interest free loan, paid off his student loan with it and saved himself the interest. plus repayments to the army were less than student loan payments.

    ah, army admin. love it. shame they aren't so eagle-eyed when they UNDER-pay people...
  6. Most soldiers have been overpaid at some time. The brighter ones generally realise there's been an error and repay it straight away, which can be done, or more usually budget because they know it'll be taken back.

    The thicker ones think, 'Wahey' and spend it on beer; then moan about the bloody 'pay people' when it's deducted at a later stage.

    If you can't manage your own finances, or be capable of checking your own pay, how are you meant to manage men and equipment?
  7. Indeed. Just look how many often the MoD fails to manage its finances, and how useless they are at managing men and equipment.
  8. good point. but they have 108,000 of us to check up on...

    if a General suffered some of the pay f*ck ups the lads do, do you think it would drag on for 18 months before being sorted? i suspect not...
  9. ****** NB **************** THIS MAY NOT APPLY TO EVERYONE

    What has happened in this case is that the rules have changed slightly and been reapplied.

    For instance sldr A passed a course in Jan 2001 which moved him from SSgt Lower level 5 to SSgt Higher level 1 and he received a small pay rise. What happens now and has been applied is Level - Level. So now Sld A gets back pay wef Jan 2001 as his pay has been recalculated and he is moved from SSgt Lower level 5 to Ssgt Higher Level 5.

    ****** NB **************** THIS MAY NOT APPLY TO EVERYONE

    Hope this helps
  10. A_E

    You are a Gentleman, a scholar and an acrobat.

  11. ViroBono,

    With any large organisation, there's bound to be administrative problems; fact. I wouldn't say the MOD is 'useless at managing men and equipment'. I'd agree that there is incompetance in some certain areas, but you're generalising too much.

    My point was, if someone gets paid way too much money, then the obvious thing to do is not to go and blow it all on 'beer and tabs'. And if you do, then you're plain stupid.

    There's no point in going whinging to the pay-staff about it once you've sobered up and find yourself skint.
  12. As at_ease states there was a small change to the rules for level for level transfers.
    Over 2500 soldiers were effected by this and it was run as a Scruntiny by DSPSA at Worthy Down

    A letter was sent to Brigades in January so they should have sent it out to all units pretty quickly, although I had to ring Glasgow and ask for a copy to be faxed to me (for once the JPAC was helpful, although she was a Geordie not a jock).

    Ask your clerk for a copy of the letter if your worried as it's signed off stating your pay increment is correct

    But as at_ease said *this may not apply to everyone*
  13. I know this issue is ongoing, but i aam aware that LOTS of people across various Corps have received payments (being one myself); in some cases the payments go right back to the day Pay 2000 was introduced, nearly 4 years ago. As one of the many, i have received a new pension journal print and pay statement explaing the calculation and the new pay level that i am on, however the pay office has said that until individual letters are issued from Worthy Down stating that each persons is correct then the cash is not yours.

    Does anyone know about these letters? When should the letters be issued? and if the payments are erroneous how can they pay out £Millions like this?

    The next point is, that in many cases these payments have pushed people into the higher tax band, so not only was the payment taxed at 40% but Feb and Mar pay of this year will be as well. This raises two questions:

    1. If the payments are wrong how will the Army address this f*ck up and calculate how much tax people should be refunded?

    2. If the payments are correct then the personnel concerened have paid higher rate tax on money because it was earned this year, when in reality it should have attracted the lower rate during the 3-4 years that it was originally intended for payment. How will the MOD compensate for this? as the Inland Revenue will not refund any of this tax as you earned ALL the money this year?
  14. This has caused a lot of grief at units. At my unit there are people who have received a large payment and others who have received nothing. It has meant that Junior SSgts are now pushed to a higher pay band, than WO2s who have done their 4/5 years as a SSgt, and also have a nice little lump sum aswell. There has been no information forthcoming and Glascow seem to be in the dark as much as the rest of us when questioned. Worthy Down say something is happening and a letter will be issued in due course. This is not really good enough when 1 yr SSgt is on more than someone 5 yrs senior to him. Is anyone actually going to explain the situation and how many people will be affected.
  15. I got back pay to 2001, when i changed from lower to higher range and was dropped an increment. I was expecting the backpay, and they took out the advances that i had been paid. Personally, i think everything is in order - but if your not expecting it, havent re-traded and changed between ranges or can doubt the payments in any way i suggest stuffing it in your savings account and earning interest on it before they claw it back. I'm spending the fcuker though!!!!