wage slip queries for a newie

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by strud, May 26, 2005.

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  1. could any one tell me what

    ntoverissue - or + ON PAYSLIPS
    irs claim - ON PAYSLIPS

    over issues bal o/s IN A BOX UNDER TAX TO DATE

  2. Do you want to phrase that question a little better and I *might* just be able to help you....at the moment I don't have a clue what you're asking :-S.....
    have deductions & payment on payslips and not sure what they are under item they are listed

    ntoverissue (- or + ON PAYSLIPS ) under entitlement & deductions)
    this seams linked to also in a box over issues bal o/s IN A BOX UNDER TAX TO DATE
    eg ntoverissue 1 feb 28 feb +£200.43
    overissue bal o/s £200.43
    feb payslip????

    jan payslip
    irs claim -date 20 sept 24nov +£16.80 on slip
    is that any clearer
    thanks for looking
  4. ntoverissue = non taxable overissue, which means that you have been overpaid something. Initially the money is deducted (nt overissue) and then credited back to you(hence the credit). You should be called in to the unit pay staff to give you your re-payment options - failing that the repayment will commence at a standard rate - 4 days pay I believe.

    IRS claim is the Individual Refund Scheme - it allows a partial refund (80% up to a limit)) for some educational thing that you have forked out for.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Your paystaff should have got you in, the overissue is made known to them 1 month before the first payment. First they take the money owing in full and then give it back as the over issue, the next month the firstpayment comes out so you have a month providing you've been told to take stock. You can pay it back in a one er if you want or request it spread over more time. There is a dci can't remember which one.

    Things have got better though, even though overissues are a pain to administer its better than having the lot taken out.
  6. ok thanks for that it makes it all clearer now good site here
    keep up the good work:)
  7. Brilliantly clear but it says something when its easier to find something out from ARRSE than my pay office.
  8. I agree the Individual should have been called in once the RAO was aware of the overissue but you do not mention if you actually asked your RAO staff about your payslip before posting on here!!

    Surely the IRS claim was submitted by yourself??