Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Reality_check, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. My sisters mate has a kid by a squaddie, he voluntarily agreed to pay her money for the kid and to try and keep things civil and easy she agreed to take his word on what he was told to pay by the CSA. Now she thinks he has basically been taking the piss and paying far less than he should.

    Any ideas how she can quietly find out how much he is paid??? And no shes not some money grabber, can't blame her for wanting what her kid is entitled to can you?!?
  2. If she gets half the cost of bringing the child up then she should be satisfied with that.

    The CSA are unlikely to be very interested any more if he is paying, and will in any case take months to do the calculation and get on to him.
  3. The CSA are in turmoil at the moment. That said, the current calculation is 15% for 1 kid.
  4. 15% for one kid of Net salary. providing you do not pay into any private pension schemes, if so they come of the net salary and she gets 15% of whats left.

    He can reduce the figures if he has responsibility overnight for the child and averages over 52 nights ina year. He will then be entitled to a 1/7 reduction for every 52 nights he has the kid. Responsibility during the day only does not count to this though........

    If it can be done amicably then avoid the CSA like the plague, thieving barstewards can't even follow their own rules and have constantly f**ked up my payments for the last year resulting in a repayment of nigh on a grand through overpayments and TWO apologies.

    Serves her indoors riht though for forcing it through the CSA as they REDUCED the amount I was paying eventually and as a result she is well miffed...............

    Love the CSA really but avoid like the plague.

    If she knows what rank and trade he is she will be able to get a fair idea of his true wages as they are a matter of public record.

    Hope this helps...................
  5. She must have been happy with the amount agreed originally so (with the little information given) it sounds to me like she is money grabbing. He is only meant to be paying towards the upkeep of the child not nights out for her or the full cost of bringing the child up.

    If they have a private arrangement she is better to stick to that rather than pursue this through the CSA as it is always better for the child if parents can arrange finances in a "grown up" fashion. If she is claiming benefits the rules say she is not allowed to profit by receiving maintenance payments. So the CSA could award her £100 a week but they will then reduce her benefits by that same amount. At least this way any money she is getting she is keeping.

    She should be grateful he is paying without a fuss - which is a lot more than many absent parents do. She could well shoot herself in the foot if she starts creating waves and get a lot less than she is getting now.
  6. Is this 2 more lusty irresponsible people bringing a child into the world then one of the parents trying to screw the other one over?
  7. 570 mils,

    thanks for advice


    She is only querying the money as a number of people have suggested hes paying less than he should, including a guy in the same position. As far as i'm aware the money she gets barely covers her child care costs as she works full time. It certainly isn't paying for het to go on nights out so don't go judging people!

    Also from what i have heard of the guy he is flashing the cash about buying a new car and motorbike whilst laughing at the poor cow.
  8. My bold. I didn't judge anyone just stated fact. The absent parent is only contributing a percentage of the cost of bringing up a child nothing more nothing less. However, back to the point, if a CSA claim was made after 3rd March 2003 then any maintenance assessment will be made under the new rules. Under these rules an absent parent, liable for one child, will pay 15% of their wages after Tax and National Insurance contributions. Therefore, if the father is earning £29k per annum gross he will only be liable to pay in the region of £58 per week.


    If the child is assessed under the old rules then it is very possible for two people with identical circumstances to be awarded significantly different amounts. This is because the rules are extremely complex and it can take years to get an accurate assessment completed.

    As I said originally she will probably be better off to continue with the way things are or she could end up with less money.