Wafting at Melandy


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Hi. I have a request.

Can all owners of Series or Defenders please stop waving at each other?

I should regard it as a personal favour. It is a deeply disturbing habit for an Englishman.

Does one wave first and recieve the stoney look from the driver of a Northumbrian Water Board 110? Who possibly thinks one is making sexual advances.

Does one not wave, only to find the other chap has waved at the last minute, meaning one has to crane around and wave. Completely oblivious to the dozy bint in the blue Renault Cleo who has jammed the anchors on because there is a bleeding roundabout. Like it just sprung up, fully formed, and surprised her. Jesus. The back end of those Cleo's cant take much stick, eh?

All in all, I feel waving at other Landy drivers is up there with being stoned and pissed whilst chatting on the mobile to that Ukranian waitress whilst in the outside lane. Doing a full 55mph and oiling ones gun.

It must stop. Make it so.


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Got given one when me Mam spat me out.

Hows the Cleo running? Smooth is it?

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