Waffen SS Armour in Normandy

Waffen SS Armour in Normandy


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Waffen SS Armour in Normandy - The Combat History of SS Panzer Regiment 12 and SS Panzerjäger Abteilung 12, Normandy 1944

I looked forward to reviewing this book as it is a topic about which I have a large interest (alongside the battle at Arnhem) as well as potentially getting some ideas for my modelling dioramas. On receiving it I had a quick skim through to gauge the contents and to see if it was going to be a read requiring lots of concentration or whether it was going to be one that was easy to follow. First impressions were that it was going to be both and I wasn't far off the mark.

The book follows two...
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" It also accepts that attacks and counter-attacks were not as effective due to the terrain of the region and also that some of the technological advantages enjoyed by the Panther and Tiger tanks of the Division were hampered by it as well."

As I recall, Ken Tout speaks of creeping along country lanes ambushing each other at near point blank ranges round corners. There the very fast turret traverse of the Sherman is a godsend.

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