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Wacky American recruiting idea

Seems such a good idea that I tried to join. I assume that an M-Day National Guard is equivalent to TA.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get the form to accept an english shire instead of a state.

WTF has the shirt size got to do with eligibility to recruit?
Daytime Phone: - - * Please enter your daytime phone in the format ###-###-####.
Mobile Phone: - - * Please enter your mobile phone in the format ###-###-####.
Fax Phone: - - * Please enter your fax phone in the format ###-###-####.

*Shirt Size: Please Select SM MD LG XL * Please select your shirt size.



* Current Service Currently only M-Day Army National Guard members and M-Day Air National Guard members are eligible for G-RAP.

If you have recently enlisted and haven't started duty, use your enlistment details here.
Branch: Please Select Army National GuardAir National Guard *Please select the branch in which you currently serve.
Rank: Please Select *Please select the rank which you currently hold.
$2,000 for each recruit that reports for basic training (no mention of recruiting?). Right YOU lot, this is how we split the take!

However I am not sure I want anything to do with 'Recruiting Ass'. My PSAO is already worried enough by my referring to our recruiting as him 'procuring recruits'!
Talking about T Shirts dio anyone see the USMC recruitung doc on TV last month ? Very interesting sales approach that they had. One thing that stuck in my mind was one total waster popping in and asking for a different colour t shirt, they got them when they were accepted for basic, thing was about 5 mins earlier he was trying to get out of hus contract, had serious priority issues

he didn't make it

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