WaaaaHayyyyy, It's Lipstick's Birthday

Here's your Birthday Kiss, MMmmmmmmwhaaaa !!

Hope you get everything you want.  May I ask how old??

(Lifesaver, have you any tan marks?).


Errrrrr... whose Lipstick???  oh sod it....... Happy B/day anyway. all the best!  :)
Are you that old your innards have begun to hang out ;D(Mrs Prolapse)

Happy birthday you baggy old mitten ;)


Thanks from lippy XXX
I lost a couple of days since (hence the no replies before)!!! Oh Lordy I wish alka selza did what it said on the tin  ;D

Baggy old mitten eh? hmmmm...... might just suprise ya one of these days MDN and mail you a pic... (on second thoughts wouldnt want you cleaning up your keyboard so soon after ORG's visit)

Lipstik<<<<<<<<< is never drinking again  ;) Well not until tonight. It is sunday today isnt it? Oh goody lol.
And no Gunny you may not ask how old but my bus pass did run out a while back  ;D
ORG would have to visit first to break you in, you can't go straight into driving a spanking performance car when you have only had an few Fiesta's and Allegroes.

ORG is somewhere between with a rusty old crate that someone took a small  amount of pride in a decade ago ;D

However, just because I am blessed with a spanking velocopede doesn't mean it doesn't back fire, spit and fail to start now and then :-[

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