Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by certa-cisco, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. The qualitiy of the threads on Just TA are a bit WAAAAHH!! at the moment.

    Is this the level of training/instruction/imparted knowledge in the TA.

    ie - Fcuk all

    come on there must be something interesting about the TA.

    Recent examples

    Body armour
    what feet should i put my boots on?
    what should i expect on a range day?

    come on - read the wiki's a lot of effort has gone into them, ask your SPSI's, your mates, your dad, read Victor, think before you post.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Is this a plea for more 'hands on' moderation?

  3. I've missed that one, can you provide a link?
  4. I think that as a Group, the Just TA, is playing into the hands of our knockers, as you MSR have said
    many times over the past few weeks, There are wiki's, there are stickies, there are numerous threads.

    Whilst i am all for the passing of information onto to individuals that ask for help and advice, some of it is
    real basic, things the new recruits should be told at day one.

    If you are a potential recruit and you go onto google and ask about the Army Full or Part-time, and you manage to avoid the NAAFI, and wind up in here and are met with numerous threads on Berets, and how hard is a BPFA, would you think you are looking at a professional outfit or a bunch of airsofting walts.

    I know you cannot regulate or try and cover every eventuality, but a lot of it is what i had thought was common sense.

    Over modding can be negative and may stop a genuine question or concern being raised.

    not sure on the answer, but just wanted to get it out in the open for discussion.
  5. I don't see a problem. There are a few sneering cnuts about who pick on the "daft question" but how often do we tell new recruits that the only daft question is the one you didn't ask? The beret thread is well onto it's 2nd page now so it wasn't as daft a question as you think it may have been, for example.

    ARRSE is primarily a discussion forum. ARRSEPedia is an information store. I reckon the balance between the 2 is about right. The links both ways are superb - 10/10 for msr on that one.

    BTW, if ARRSE had been around when I joined, I would have found out about twisters for lightweights before I'd even bothered trying to scrounge big fat rubber bands from the local post office.
  6. Well, there is ArmyNet if you want to be serious. All currently serving Arrsers can go there.

    With regard to some of the posts, I'd agree that at first sight many seem a bit silly, but at least someone has had the guts to put his head above the parapet and ask the question. The same bloke may not ask the question in the TAC for fear of being labelled a dimwit.

    As far as common sense is concerned, this derives from experience and training. My particular unit handed out CS95 and said, "Wear that in future." Perhaps you don't need instructions in how to put on a jacket and trousers, but it could be helpful to explain when you wear the various layers in order to maintain uniformity. I still don't know because I've not been brave enough to ask and, fortunately, nobody has asked me.

    I'd agree that there is repetition of questions but unless everybody trawls through the search listings (and it's quicker to just ask the question), I don't see a way around it - besides, things change.
  7. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose
  8. msr

    msr LE

  9. ok

    point taken - it was just a thought,

    i suppose with the years comes the attitude of experience and knowledge. which i now understand
    it is better to offer the advice than snipe at the questioner.

    like i said i don't want to stop the one question that is important to someone, and i do agree about
    the twisters thing, it would have been useful.

    and as Puttees says better on here than in front of a squad in the TAC.

  10. :twisted: Good jobs fellas - certa-cisco is one of us now :twisted:

    Now which ARRSEr rumbled poor old Charlie Brown? I thought his advice was excellent:

  11. Ive just been issued my boots, withall my kit. i didn't try them on which was my own fault however when i got home after trying on all my kit in the mirror and touching myself up with excitment i looked at my boots.

    one pair were both left feet, the other pair had white L and R in tipex on the soles.

    really really silly question, which makes me laugh. but

    is this normal?
  12. Thats not so much of a joke .... we had one at Bovvy.... "my boots hurt Cpl" closely followed by "My lightweight don't fit properly"

    No such thing as a stupid question, so long as you get an answer you're happy with, sod's law states that some one else was too scared to ask.
  13. i think its good that our new guys have somewhere they can ask their questions without too much pistaking :roll: no that it wont happen anyway.

    any chance of losing the word "Just" from "Just TA" and the rest of the shite that follows the title of our forum

    Just TA
    1. It's the same Army, but I'm told that a separate board is wanted. 2. Regulars, don't bait the TA; we've all heard it and it's boring.

    i would much rather have TA without any further embellsihments
  14. msr

    msr LE

  15. I thought that, until a recruit asked "would this rifle kill a whale?"