W W 1 Gunner Maps

I have a wedge of my grandfather's maps and bits and pieces from his time in France circa 1915 onwards.

Two things would they be of use to the Gunners museum?

How would I go about it?

Either PM me or stick it up here.

Just so you know there are several mapsK 36-M33 Dated23.9.16, others covering Gommecourt,Arras and so on, also several text books.

He was commisioned in1897 in the Worcestshire and Warwickshire Volunteer Artillery, and a mention in despatches for an innovation in gunpit design.

If this stuff is useful it would be nice to know it has a nice safe home to go to.

Many thanks.


e-mail the Librarian Paul Evans. I can guarentee he will want them for the archives.

PM with contact details to follow
Sorry for the delay in replying, but toquote Harold Macmillan

"Events, dear boy, events"

I will sort it out over the next couple of days, God willing.

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