W Says Georgia Should Be In NATO

From DefenseNews.com:

Speaking just before the first NATO summit on former Soviet soil, Bush said in a speech at the University of Latvia the alliance would keep its door open to new members and hoped to issue additional invitations at its next summit in 2008.

"Georgia is seeking NATO membership as well and as it continues on the path of reform, we will continue to support Georgia’s desire to become a NATO ally," he said.

"Bush Gives Strong Backing to Georgia NATO Bid" by MARCIN GRAJEWSKI, REUTERS, RIGA, Latvia. 28 November 2006

I don't think folks around here would have been pleased had the Khrushchev regime aggressively solicited Canada to join the Warsaw Pact.

Just good clean fun at the expense of the Russian government.

And it's not as if they could possibly hit back, is it?



Which one does he mean? Which one does he think he means?
Yay! Lets really play right into Russia's paranoia about NATO and the west trying to encircle them. :roll:

As for the mini quiz, I'm guessing the middle one since the other two are already a part of it AFAIK. So what do I win? Aside from another not even funny snide swipe and Bush' intelligence that is.


War Hero
heres a far fetched idea, but with N.Korea f'ing about with nukes & China's military might growing larger every year, hows about having Russia in NATO? :eek:
that is if they can refraine from bumping-off any more critical ex-agents & jurno's ...................

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