Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fas_et_gloria, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. Stop and leave my contact details.

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  2. Feel unable to leave my details as I can't actually write, I'm too ignorant and anyway spent the tim

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  1. Got home last night about midnight. Parked the car in the residents only bay on our 30 MPH limited residential street. Folded the off-side wingmirror in so that it wouldn't get hit by passing motorists.

    Leave the house for work this morning to find that the front offside wing and the front bumper have been redesigned. The scapes along the front tyre suggest that the car has been pushed forwards about 8 or 9 inches.

    Question: Am I the only person left in this country who would stop and leave my details? If the sh*ts had had the money straight out of my bank account at least I wouldn't have to go through the drama of getting the sodding thing repaired - and it's not as if they've benefitted from it either. I fcuking hate civvies - and I am one.
  2. Have you tried looking along the street at the other cars for damage?
  3. May even be CCTV as it's a car park?
  4. No, you are not the last decent person left in this country, I'm with you on this one, but it seems we are a dying breed.
    Selfish, cowardly wan*ers like that, make me sick. :x
  5. Why do you think I drive an old Volvo (go faster wavy stripe down the off-side, near-side wing mirror taped up and nice "two feet" shaped dent in the bonnet); I feel slightly smug knowing that they probably suffered more damage than did my "tank"

    But I'd still like to castrate the barstewards :twisted:
  6. Probably some pissed driver thats panicked and wasn;t meant to be driving in the first place
  7. Know the feeling....sort of.

    Last year got into the car to go to work to find that the side on the road was a lot lower than it was supposed to be. I got out o find that some festering piece(s) of weasel shit had stabbed BOTH my tires on the road side, and as there were no witnesses the police could do naff all about it.

    I would call them cnuts but they're not that useful or pleasurable! Now that we're not allowed to go fox-hunting, could we re-train the dogs for chav hunting?
  8. i know it's no consolation mate , but i work in a bodyshop , estimating the damage , and every third car in , is one thats been hit whilst parked with no details left by the third party.

    f*cking scum. :evil:
  9. Sorry to hear about your mishap. Happened to me 2 years back. Except they moved my rear bumper 3 inches to the side and wrecked it. Cost me £200 even after the bloke in the bodyshop was decent enough not to charge me the full wack for all the stuff they normally do for a full insurance payment as I did not want to claim off mine. Either way you will end up forking out. Being a crap driver is one thing but not being decent enough to own up to your mistake is another.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Just as bad some muppet reversed into my dirty suzuki and bumped it, nice passer by left details of what they saw, great I thought but without there details I am screwed. Still I can always exact revenge on the muppets that reversed into my chunky monkey.
  11. Interestingly, a couple of years back I was taking the mutt for a late night walk and as I moseyed through one of London's plusher districts, what should I see but some presumably p1ssed-up w@nker, in a fairly clapped out old motor, pile into the side of a parked car. He got out of his car to take a look, then got back in, tried to turn in the road, hit another parked car, and then sped off, all over the shagging road.

    Concerned citizen chickenpunk took his number and when I got home a few minutes later, called the local rozzers. Were they interested? Were they feck.
  12. It's not just civvies! I had a 4-tonner clip my car the other day, leaving a nice dent in the door.. and the fcuker drove off! Consider him reported!
  13. Saw a huge truck catch a parked pick up a deathly blow and couldn't stop cos on my way to a very important meeting. Took it's number and gave it to the pick up owners later. Very nice bot of malt out of that one.

    Driver of huge truck claimed in court that he had not realised he had hit the pick up and I had to agree with him in court that the way he hit it, he could be innocent.
  14. Knock up a motion sensitive IED, some one hits your car!
    Their details are left all over the place


    p.sImdrinkingbeer :D
  15. thats why i own an old banger 500 is all i pay for it, as my bro works in the garage trade he can get me good models and i treat them like a lighter, once they are finished i boot them off, i don´t have to worry about damaging them as i have nothing to lose