VW Golf mk 4 GTI

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by PartTimeSJT, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone got one? , has any one got the 25th anneversay model? if so whats it like? expecting a good pay out soon and wondering what to get next, input much appreiciated
  2. I have a black, Mk 4 R32 with the whole nine yards............stunning bit of kit ! Get one !
  3. ive got a 150bhp 02 gti, its fairly rapid, well built etc but i'd rather get the leon cupra R for the same money that an anniversary's gonna set you back. if you opt for the vw then check its had the coilpacks replaced under recall and when was the last time it had its air mass meter replaced, when both or either one of them pack up its a nightmare trying to trace the fault, and time is money in the rip off world of vw dealers!
  4. I'm not sure about Mks but a mate has a '83 Golf Cabriolet and is going to change it soon. 1.6 with 1.8 fitted engine, Corado wheels and leather seats. Looks quite tidy. Would that fit the bill? PM me and I can forward your details to him etc.
  5. The Mk 4 is a pretty good car IMHO - I have the 115BHP diesel. But there are issues with the (petrol) coil packs and air mass sensors - just had to change mine - and the VW garage was useless at diagnosis.

    I don't know what the VW garages in Germany are currently like, but I hate VWUK garages with a passion that borders on the obsessive! I bought the car in Germany, as one does, and everytime I took it to a UK dealer, the receptionist would say "oh, it isn't listed on our computer, so it is an import....". And then everybody would look down their nose at me.

    I have now found a very nice man around the corner who does all my servicing for me. What he can't do is the detailed computer based diagnosis for strange faults. So, take a deep breath and enter the portals of VWUK (Hell)..... "oh, it isn't listed......" Scream!

    and breathe....

  6. Don't know exaxtly home much im getting in my pay out like, i do like the seat leon cupra R like mate does look tasty, and V. quick! also seen a gorgeous R32 once, sad thing was it was in a ditch and i dont think the meant to put it there as the ditch was 3ft deep ( ouch!) i believe you can get the PET GTI upto 180 BHP but the GT TDi will go to 150 BHP still with recaro's and other bits n pieces, i like diesels as i work on them and i think ill road test a few before deciding
  7. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    20 years ago, I came back to UK from a 6 month tour with a wad of dosh looking for a new car - A Golf GTI would've been perfect.
    Walked in to a VW dealer in my jeans and jumper and said "I'm thinking of buying a GTI"
    'Sales person' said - and I quote "There's one over there" and fcuked off.

    So did I*.

    And so did his sales commission.


    So, I guess the snotty bar steward thing is pretty well embedded in VW(UK)

    Always found the VW place in Camberley v. helpful on the servicing front though, up till 2003 at any rate.

    * I was SO disgusted, I bought a 2.0l Maestro EfI instead. Naff you may say - but it went like a rocket (only once outrun on the M-way, by a Peugeot 206 GTI ). Being British made, of course, 48 hrs after the rust warranty expired it seemed to develop an instant case of freckles. Binned it for a Passat when we sprogged.
  8. Where have all the Maestro, Sierra and Mini Metros dissapeared to? Once every other car was one of these but not any more.
  9. sierra Saphy cosworth any one owned one?........
    and whats more value for money Golf GTI or GT TDi?
  10. I've a Mk IV 1998 GT TDI, 110bhp chipped to 130. 60k later still A1 and I always get 48-62mpg, if it was big enough for a family of 5 it'd be perfect but alas too small...So I drive it and the wife has to put up with an Espace
  11. I love 80s chav!
  12. 4X4 or the rear wheel drive? rear wheel drive will power slide for fun but the 4X4 will go up the track quicker lmao