VW Campervan for sale

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rifleair, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. I was looking in autotrader for a relatively cheap camper van for use as a dayvan and came across a 2000 reg VW T4 camper caravelle in immaculate condition for only £3000.

    I was straight on to the seller for more info and was given the following reply;


    I am selling this vehicle because my brigade will deploy for 6 months to Afghanistan. I'm under enormous time pressure cause I need to sell it fast, before October 10th that being the reason for selling it so low. It is in perfect condition inside and out, never involved in accidents. From the beginning I must say that the vehicle has all the paper works and full service history.
    I've never smoked in it, and I want to sell it to a serious person.

    It is still available for sale if interested, price as stated in the ad £3,000. The vehicle is in Barry Buddon Camp - Dundee, Scotland, UK in a military base, and in case it gets sold I will get it delivered. Let me know if you are interested, email back.

    Thanks for your interest,

    Marie Fletcher ,

    As the initial ad stated the vehicle was in Birmingham and the van now appeared to be in Scotland I googled Barry Buddon and campervan and found a warning about a scam going on with the same van being sold at various places around the country.
    I replied to 'Marie' that it was a bit too far to go for a look so I would forget it, she came back with a second email saying;


    I've told you, at this moment I am in Dundee, Scotland, UK in a military base, getting ready for Afghanistan (I hope for the last time). I'm doing a special training program each day and I am not allowed to get out of the unit or give calls whenever I want. The delivery will take 2 to 3 days depending on your location and it’s not a problem because I can do it at no cost for you. Because it is a large transaction, we will complete the deal only using an authorized third part like Google Checkout because I already prearranged the whole process with them, using their Google Safe Pay Solutions (bank-to-bank wire transfer) for vehicles.

    The money will be sent to Google Checkout, before you will receive the vehicle. So, you will deposit the payment directly into the Google Checkout agent's bank account in United Kingdom, either online or at most banks and they will hold and secure your money during the entire transaction. I repeat, they will hold and insure your money until receipt of the vehicle in good condition and will release the funds to us only after you decide to keep the vehicle and you register it, into your name. You will have an inspection period of 7 days. In this time you can check, test and inspect the vehicle. If by any reason (the vehicle has any hidden damages or is not like I describe it) you can reject the deal. In this case Google Checkout will refund you totally and they will deliver the vehicle back.

    Let me know your shipping details (your full name, full address and home phone number) so I can open a transaction case with Google Checkout and declare you as buyer. They will contact you with further information regarding payment and delivery.


    Marie Fletcher ,

    I reported this to Autotrader and this ad has been removed, however I don't think it will be long before a fresh one appears and I thought that the collective Arrse might like to show an interest.


    I did not ask 'Marie' if she would get her tits out and I do not have any photo's!
  2. More than a few clues in it to indicate it's not pukka, (assuming Marie isn't just an ill-educated cunt):

    "all the paper works" - in the plural?
    "Dundee, Scotland, UK" - a Brit wouldn't say this
    "program" - not Brit spelling
    at no cost for you" - at no cost TO you
    "authorized" - authoriSed
    release the funds to us" - US, how many Maries are there?
    If by any reason (the vehicle has any hidden damages..." - FOR any reason...any hidden damage, in the singular.
    shipping details" - again, not something a Brit would say.

    Having said all that, the Nigerian Finance Minister's English is much improved over previous emails he's sent out.
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  3. So is it for sale or fuckin' not!

    I'm fucked if I'm transferring money only to find some other cunts already bought it and I now have a timeshare ownership in a fuckin' camper van.

    Jarrod,is your passion wagon available for sale if this turns out toi be a scam?
  4. I've had the same shit from the same seller about 6 months ago on eBay. Fuckin tits. Ok then I'll put you the cash in your account and await delivery.
  5. I'd sell for the right price.
  6. Fucking hell,I've just seen the mature dating ad with the troll in the pink top that looks like a bloke,now that would be a good buy!
  7. I've got the ad on how to "Lose 2 stone in 4 weeks". I don't think I'll be clicking on that.
  8. for the right price I'd sell anything,and I......
  9. So would I but that Bedford is a big investment, no idea of the return.
  10. I've a friend who used to do them up. Here's the last one he did.

    I think it'll cost more than £3k :)

  11. I'd imagine them VW's to be well above £10K
  12. email her yourself, I'm sure she'd be happy to have tons of interest,

  13. Very nice, and I'm sure they do cost more than 10k, the one used in the ad is genuinely advertised on petrolheads for £11,500.
    they also have more warnings about these type of scams
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