VW Campers in Germany

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by AT55, May 15, 2008.

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  1. I am thinking of buying a VW camper and touring the UK and the Continent now that I find myself with time on my hands. I have always liked VW reliability and therefore fancy one of their campers but the prices charged for used ones in the UK are sky high. There are dozens on the interweb that are being sold by people who have gone to the continent and brought them back to the UK. I think I can live with a left hand drive as for years I drove RH drive vehicles in BFG. Does anyone have experience of buying of buying a camper on the Continent? Did you save much money? Are there any pitfalls? Can you recommend any dealers. I am not interested in the large campers (Hymer etc)
  2. Thanks for that info Steven, which is new to me and gave me an idea of the difference in prices. What I was really after was details of any dealer who is not a rip-off merchant. It is bad enough to privately buy a second hand vehicle from a Brit so I thought I my try a dealer in Germany a I understand by German law they have to give some kind of warranty. I have a neighbour who is German and she could give the German dealer a bell to clear up any concerns I have before purchase. I could then get a cheap flight to Germany and possibly get ADAC to give the vehicle a once over and then drive it back to the UK.
    If any Arrser has any kind of info that may be of help, please feel free to chip in.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Just dont buy a used one from the cloggies!
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  4. AT55, i have just bought a VW Camper this Friday if you want i could give you all the information you need.

    email me at thelewisfamily17@yahoo.co.uk and i'll send you loads of useful links and where to look for the vehicles.

    VW are only reliable if you are prepared to get your hand dirty and do a lot of maintenance yourself, otherwise they can cost you a lot of money.

    speak soon.

  5. Hello AT 55, I'm interested on how you got on with your posting on searching for a good VW in Germany, I am in a very similar circumstance of looking for a tidy and reasonably priced VW possible a 4 berth T4 with 'boxter' engine.
    I am hoping to take my family camping in the UK and the continent and like you I don't like most of the prices I see offered here in the UK.
  6. Thanks for this jarrod248 however the website was pricey, I did hear that the German sourch was good although like you say the high mileage ones are cheaper but is'nt this the way the world over.
    Any more clues on a Westfalia.?
  7. Them Mazda Bongo 4x4's are supposed to be quite reasonable off road, never driven one myself though, read some good reviews.
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  8. I've done a few self builds in the past and would be hard pushed to buy a vehicle and then fit it out to that advertised standard for £25k
    I wouldn't mind seeing this Nissan, even if it does sound like a "grey" import but you know what the old adage is "If it sound too good to be true..."
    Caveat emptor as is said in old downtown Baghdad :)

  9. Funny enough, that just the sort of vehicle I was thinking of buying & converting myself. Those Nissan buses are more compact than an A-class, but have a lot more grunt than most commercial vans. IIRC they do a 4WD model - used all over the developing world - which would be a good base for an "adventure camper" (fnarr...).

    Currently, I use a bargain-basement ex-railway maintenance Transit: practically fully equipped (seating, wash unit, microwave, water boiler, heater, etc, etc) for about GBP 4k auction price.

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  10. It'd be worth a look or a phone call at least.
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